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Why Pakistan Ranks Top in Forced Marriages? Why Pakistan is taking top ranks in such issues? Forced Marriages are very common within the country the same approach they used in other countries without thinking that every country is not exploited by the laws.

Every country is not practising Vanni and Karo-kari crimes which are heinous and deep rooted in this society. Muslim culture is not reminiscent of it should be presented to others. Why Muslims are emphasizing that they are Muslim rather than to be a good human being? Islam gives freedom to select life partner according to own choices.

Islam does not allow parents to take away the rights of children in selecting their spouse and impose their decision on them. It a myth, elders always have been doing right and affluence decisions but not in every case it happens.

Forced marriages are very common in European countries for the reason that people moved from South East Asia. Most likely are stereotypes and follow same norms and rituals. Pakistani nationals or Indians would like to marry their children in same breed or in same community but on the contrary young children are not ready to follow their Parents as youngsters are grown up in a free society and believe in liberty of selecting their life partner so this leads to a pandemonium in a family.

Few days back, Britain proposed a law on forced marriages; whoever will abide by the law will get the punishment of seven years in prison. This law is for every citizen of Britain wherever they are living, if someone takes them out of the country and force them to marry either in India, Bangladesh or in Pakistan.

They will get punishment and imprisonment. A unit named FMU is established to give relief to people who are forced and according to the sources this unit will help, prevent such cases. Two third of such cases are from South East Asian who are resident in Britain.

Pakistan is on top with such cases by getting 43% out of 74% then come India by securing 11%, Bangladesh 10%, other countries which are in the list namely Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. On tenterhooks Pakistanis will take a lesson from this law and avoid conspiring against their children. forced marriage