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Why can't we stand against the injustice? Today while gazing a pic in newspaper I came across a thought that our neighboring country has proven to be much better than us when there is a need to take a stand.

The pic was about a protest in the favour of rape victim and against the laws and rules for the culprits.

when people of different religions can join to gather for a victim whom they barely know then why cant people of this country stand against the injustice and misery they are facing for more than 60 years? landlords and bureaucrats have been controlling this poor nation since independence, still a farmer has to stay under the feet of landlord to survive.

Still a poor man has to live his life according to the orders of his superiors. still a weak one has to zip his mouth against the brutality of stronger one, some times I question my self that how long we will act as a dead nation.

Why can't we stand against the injustice. don't we have a right to live a better life?

People say nations take time to get into the shape. I ask how much time do we need to get realized?

What are we offering to our next generation? what good have we done for the future? i still get worried when I see thousands of people gathering in a political address just for the sake of one plate of biryani,

Cant they stand up for their rights?

Cant they get together against the corrupt ones? cant they fight the injustice? has that single plate of biryani is of more worth than there lives? we have to wake up! we have to fight for our rights we have to work for a better future for a prosper PAKISTAN!

It's NOW or NEVER. injustice