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Why are some doctors so unprofessional and insensitive?

Generally it is observed, that our society has become insensitive about other's emotions and needs. Witnessing lack of empathy in educated circle is distressing.

Lack of empathy and insensitivity in medical profession is an ethical immorality.

A qualified professional doctor's responsibility is not only to cure patients but also console them in the painful phase of their lives.

Today it is observed, that doctors have become heartless and compassion less to such an extent, that sometimes their insensitive words hurt the patient emotionally so much so that the patient losses hope of recovery.

Below are few painful experiences of patients.

Fatima, a 29 year female from Islamabad told me, that after three months of her marriage. On her mother in law's wish, she went to islamabad's famous hospital for gynaecology. Tests were done and she was bluntly told by a female doctor, that "you are 22 but your biological age is above 40. Soon you will be reaching menopause stage. Your FSH is high. You can't have babies". Then on her request she met the renowned male obstetrician, who further demoralised her by saying "someday your maid will tell you, that she has seen a dream of you having a baby, no that's not possible. You are an old woman from inside". While recalling that bitter experience she kissed her two year old son and thanked Almighty. Today she is mother of a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy.

Sidra, another lady from Lahore told me, that her husband is suffering from cancer of fourth stage. Oncologist told her that there is no cure or treatment for this. As she was too distressed and hurt, a female duty doctor very insensitively said, "There is no hope for him. He can go today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow". Sidra held chair to prevent herself from fall as she staggered. The patient is still alive.

The moral nature of the medical profession can actually be seen as completely necessary for ethical function of our society. Showing empathy to the patients can actually decrease the stress and sufferings. Doctors who take the time to listen and understand what their patients are going through could actually have a positive effect on their patients pain tolerance and stress levels, as a new study suggests.

It's a responsibility of a doctor, to be honest with patient and his family but doctors should use their words carefully, and show empathy. Words can heal a patient or kill hope in him. Words can make the days left in life, easier or painful. Words can console a dying soul. Choosing right words at right time is an art. And every person from medical profession needs to master it.

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