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Why are Mullahs so Stubborn? A song by artist Bilal Khan "Main Doob Raha - Mujhey Bachana" triggered several thoughts that an agonized soul could just get lost into. Now that I am triggered by this song, my thoughts may be termed Haram since Music is termed Haram by my learned religious individuals.

Friday 9th Feb 2013, the religious parties announced strike - wait a minutes strike announced by religious parties? or would it be safe to say religious political parties?

As I have learned isn't preaching religion something religious leaders should do? Protest against what? Killing of some Ulema - What about the innocent souls that are murdered ruthlessly every now and then? Such dubious acts each one of us observes everyday but the mode we take is silence and ignorance, oh yeah we are scared to lose our lives - wait a minute don't these religious heroes generally say life and death are governed by God?

Conflicting, lost and deceiving are three words I can put forth for these so called people.

Instead of pointing fingers at one another these religious parties should be finding ways to promote peace, something clearly all our Prophets did. Human is meant to conflict with thoughts of one another but poor souls are brain washed by people in name of religion and then we get what we have today the society of Pakistan.

Why are they so stubborn in accepting diversity? Or maybe they are threatened by diversity, since they will end up losing their small empires of souls that hardly question.

Issue is simple; we don't research and ask questions. Our good old sweet public is busy studying Quran in Arabic and then believing in meanings (whatever) the religious leader suggests. I see my own educated friends with Masters/ PhD degrees focusing more on explanation rather than going through meaning of Arabic text and seek inspiration. Isn't being curious about things natural - if you think not, then must think when we were children we asked and learned.

Look at birds and animals, always curious and trying to discover yet we human like to live in our own built comfort cocoon. There is need to seek true essence of Islam and religions which comes with culture, history, science and instructions for both way of life and way of living.

Our nation is on verge of extinction because either we don't ask questions or we ask question just for the sake of making our voice heard. Have we forgot the word "mayana ravi" ? I am in no way suggesting to ask vague questions (who is going to judge if its vague or not any ways) but the authentic questions which lead to inspiration and research.

Even though everything about this country is showing sign of fall and demise yet there is hope. Today there are more people who are asking questions and seeking answers to things which were once taboo.

Take for example issue raised in drama serials such as marrying man/women that is your step mother's daughter/son from some other father. These people, who are now called rebellions just because they ask questions, for now are scared to lose life and in case they survive the brain washing sessions, they will give birth to a new generation which might have some real feeling of freedom and understanding of basics of peace and tranquillity.

All previous generations of our country fed on granted resources and fed on future generation's right, above all they acted good sheep in a herd led by wicked shepherd and his dogs. Some generation will have to pay the price for peace - I would be honoured to be of the generation ready to contribute- would you? mullahs