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Why are Lawn Dresses so Expensive? It is so disappointing to see that the simple lawn dress that all the classes could afford has now become a fashion symbol!

You wear it to show off! just simple show off!

I am amazed at the speed of the women purchasing it. exhibitions are being held one after the other.

The funny part is that in every new exhibition they visit they wear an outfit from the last exhibition! I wonder how fast the tailors are working. this is not good.

One lawn suit should not be too over priced. there are lawn suits of Rs5900 also! the irony is we don't have money but we still spend money!

Just to be trendy and popular we are depriving the vast majority of wearing the lawn they used to wear. I blame the sellers the branded sellers the most! why do we just sit at home and ignore the lawn exhibitions?

Well, we cant afford it.

Whose making it unaffordable? these are people within us.

We demand and purchase hence they get to sell!lawn clothes
14 Mar 2011 | 1577 Sara Qadeer says: Location: Islamabad  Posts: 1
As I stepped out today, the air seemed different. It wasn't the same biting cold that it had been for the past wintery months. It was laced with a healthy yellow glow from the shining sun. The sky was just the right shade of light blue. The weather had changed. That was enough to remind me of all the things that have been changing recently. Life is at a peculiar stage right now, like a desert engulfed in a sandstorm everything is shifting and changing and what lies ahead is not so clear. I'll tell you one other thing thats changing. The damn prices.
19 Mar 2011 | 1587 Sam F says: Location: karachi  Posts: 2
hey hey hey! where are all you women heading to? i was shocked to see the crowd at the expo center for sana safinaz lawn collection! there were never ending ques. there were so many women that i could have never imagined.
what a pity it is! we are letting the designers make millions on behalf of us. only if we want to make a revolutionary change we alone can do it. why are we buying all these bloody expensive MERELY LAWN suits at such high prices?
i know we all want to have the best and well why not. we all so very much deserve it! but ladies buying 12 dresses at one time is crazy! and lawn that is above 3000pkr is just simple insanity!
i witnessed this insanity and i am ashamed. we have so much to spend on ourselves and so little to spend on others.
wake up! we all need to look ahead in life! we alone can make a huge difference.. we can bring the prices down by not buying at such extreme prices but well when we are at the exhibitions from 7:30 am even before the doors open then who shall bring the prices down... who?
i wonder what the men earn? how is it possible for the wives to buy suits in bulk and that too worth 4000pkr?
style comes from within.. not from wearing a branded lawn suit. we can be better designers for ourselves as we know what looks good on us! we are the best judges for our self!
no offence ladies