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Who Owns Pakistan? The airwaves, the print media and the Internet are now filled with commentary, praise, criticism, hyperbole and punditry after the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

To put this tragedy in perspective, I decided to read and review a book titled "Who Owns Pakistan?" by Mr. Shahid-ur-Rahman published in 1999 and added a section on what has happened in the last 8 years.

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ruling elite
31 Dec 2007 | 468 Sohail Hasan says: Location: Islam abad  Posts: 1
In a legal and jurisprudential context, All Pakistanis own Pakistan. At a ground level-Defacto-that is-The ownership claims and assertions there off commensurate with the power each citizen, or group weilds over the country.If you doubt me, just take a deep breath and look at Military, the feudals, the beuracracy, and the industrialists or buisness tycoons.Not the say the unsavoury politicians that donot fall into the above classes, and the Mullas.Such is likely to prevail for a medium to short term.Reason-Abscence of a middle class.Its just missing in the rural pakistani scene.Ever been into rural parts?There are just haves and have nots.Compare rural Pakistan against Lahore.For example.
Now that begs the question WHY did middle class fail to emerge? And you have answered the riddle that is plauging Pakistan and likely to continue for our life time.
Solution??Short term-None-For the longer term-Not an easy one.Just have a series of pro industrial/service sector govenments in place-Things would improve.Let democracy rule-Even though it may not be efficient and corrupt-it still is better than despots .Agree?-Adieu.
01 Jan 2008 | 471 Junaid Says:   
well ofcourse the army owns pakistan and currently musharraf is the landlord owning pakistan.we have always been ruled by the army will be ruled by the army forever.this is the reason india is the emerging super power and we...nothing...all due the national interst bullshit.india army doesnt involve in civilian affairs and they dunt disobey the civilians either.musharrf started disobeying nawaz sharif soon after becoming army chief.a prominent indian politican said ...the minute army takes over india he would personaly hang that general who hijacked pakisatn unfortunately its the other way comes to power and hangs civilans who are termed as a 'lost people'.uneducated idots are these army people.i now undersatand why people from smaller provinces had such hate against this instituion.howver i must point out that i believe being anti-army does not mean being anti-state ........the opposite is portrayed by the propaganda campaigh launched by the army
02 Jan 2008 | 474 Riaz Haq says: Location: California, USA  Posts: 10
The power triad in Pakistan consists of the feudals, the military and the clergy. Democracy in Pakistan has meant and continues to mean feudal rule. The feudal class has no interest in promoting human development and industrialization that help the middle class grow. Based on all the data available, the middle class in Pakistan has grown under military rule....Ayub Khan's, Zia-ul-Haq's and Musharraf's. It has stagnated or shrunk under "democratic civilian" rule in Pakistan. The emergence of a powerful middle class is the only hope for real broad-based democracy based on civil society and rule of law. If military rule in the short-term ( another decade?) helps grow the middle class, let's put up with it rather than replace it by feudal rule by a narrow elite that always wins in Pakistani elections.
To read more about it, please visit: //
and //
16 Jan 2008 | 501 Riaz Haq says: Location: California, USA  Posts: 10
The atta prices have risen dramatically and shortages are developing in various parts of Pakistan. There are clearly missteps by the Pakistani government over the last several months including optimistic overestimates of production, permitting wheat exports and failure to follow through on a decision to import wheat last Ramadan, when the crisis was still in early stages of developing. However, there are other factors such as surging world demand particularly in emerging economies including India, Pakistan & China and lowest world wheat stocks in 26 years accompanied by rising wheat prices around the world. To read more, please visit // and contribute your thoughts and comments.
20 Feb 2008 | 526 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
Hey I don't have time for your book
But PAKISTAN is owned by people of Pakistan.
02 Nov 2008 | 709 sanjith menon says: Location: chennai  Posts: 4
pakistan is owned by americans - because they can cross over and attack pakistani`s in parts like waziristan and zardari will just say" what can i do?"
22 Nov 2008 | 730 Umar says: Location: BC, Canada  Posts: 3
Guys, Pakistan belong to us. But we do not own Pakistan. but Pakistan own us.

Zardarii or any body can't decide what to do... cause end of they day they say what we can do??

But we need a change and we should start from our self first. we need to be honest with our self, then family & Friends.

We need to be educated not only for getting good job with 4 figure salary per month. We need to be educated to study advance as to be able to compare our self with developed countries. there is no doubt that we are very good in studies as we have given so many good doctors and engineer etc to all around the world.

But this is not enough at the moment i feel we should study about law, and should make research on Islam as well. as the biggest problem we facing big problems internally and externally..some body prays five time a day and what he says about Islam we blindly believe him but don't even bother to find the truth.

We are Muslim Alhamdullia but are we doing things which deffer us from non Muslim?
what i can suggest is about Islam don't know view 1 persons statement. try to view as many as you can and then based on most common you find the information then you may believe. but at least no on 1 person's statement.

we need to solve this issue as soon as we can. and then come to solve politic problems. as all world at the time know us Muslim, Pakistani. so first we should solve problem Islam and then About our lovely, Pakistan.

Please leave me some comments . thanks
19 Feb 2009 | 832 Nadir Alvi says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 2
Assalam O Alaikum

Who owns Pakistan. is it a question or we are asking it to our self . Each country is developing due to there own citizens. they work hard, follow laws and proof there self an educated and respectable citizen. but i feel really sad about Pakistan because we have yet to decide who owns Pakistan. Is it PPP or ANP or MQM or N/Q League. when ever election comes, we go and give our vote to that person with whom we never met before. After that we start hoping that our vote would surely work for us Only for us. We never think even for other human being. We have talent but have millions more then to pull it down. Our lawyers break the rules and then start seeking for people sympathy. We have most corrupted person as our Leader even we all are corrupted. we keep on weeping that army did this to us but we all know if army is not there Pakistan can never be like this may be Pakistan was being sold by our corrupted politicians. Pakistan can be better when each person start justifying by their self. We have emotions, we have zeal but we have no one who motivate us and all is waiting to spend this life and go back.