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When Government will start looking at Issues of common man? Its more than 7 moths now when this new government has taken over, but there are no serious efforts from the government regarding the well being of common man. The government has no clue of what is going on with the public, people are committing suicide, selling children's and selling organs.

The Economy and law and order situation are vastly deteriorating making the lives more difficult for the common man. The Stock Market is practically crashed, the Foreign reserves are going down continuously, FDI is fastly diminishing.

The President, Prime Ministers and the whole army of the ministers seems dysfunctional, just paying visit to UK, DUBAI and USA, seems that they are trying to get most out of their current tenure.

Thing is when they will start looking at the issues of common man and when we will get some relief from the Govt? inflation
30 Sep 2008 | 694 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
Allah will not change our life if we wont try to change ours.
That means if we wont stand up for our rights,we probably will remain as we are!
If we are against any policy we can go and take some banners with us to show that we are against that policy.We are relying on our journalists and news channels to do everything for us to talk to politicians for us etc,but they are not doing anything for country they are doing it for their own channels.
There is a huge difference between our neighboring country and us and that is their elite stands with poor people and our elite don't care for any of us.They want to remain superior to us.
I would have said more but I have to check out.But before I go Pakistan's people make more sense than Pakistan's politicians even on grave issues like terrorism so far I have not witnessed any graduate from Pak who is for those terrorist activities.
Long live Pakistan.
22 Nov 2008 | 729 Umar says: Location: BC, Canada  Posts: 3
Hello guys,

I m agreed with you that nothing will change unless we try to change our selves.

" Democratic is the people, by the people and for the people"

Democratic is all about the people or a nation but in Pakistan its only moving politicians nothing is about common man. as they are stupid. they do not know there strength, weakness and objectives of own.

We are walking with out any planed destination and with out aim,

We are about 17 billion people and few thousand people are destroying us. how come we can't do any thing?

Don't you guys feel that some new people should get into it to solve it. and they must be some doctors, engineers, business mans, retired army officers, and lawyers should participate and i m sure if this kind of educated people gets in our kind and generous Pakistani population will walk with us.

May be every body wish to change but what to do they don't no see any new people who understand there difficulties and can offer them some solutions but unfortunately no body enter to this field as most of people believes its bad and even never try to make it good. Field is not bad but current involved people has made its image bad as most of them are not educate so they decision they make, the actions they take, and the results comes are like bull's shitting on all Pakistani nation.

We have become like a joke in international society but its only because off those who represent us in international society.

guys its time to get change and we should start form our self first.

We need to understand with out being good at home we can't be good out side.

We should recognize our powers and our weakness only then we can get forward to be successful.

Please share with me your comments.
15 Feb 2009 | 822 M Aqsad says: Location: Kharian/Punjab/Pakistan  Posts: 4
Hellow umar plz can u contect me on my email adress.thankyou [email protected]