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What are your thoughts on Benazir Bhutto's assassination? First of all my heart goes out to Bhutto family, May Allah give them peace and courage to go through this ordeal.

A sad event this is indeed, a great leader to some, an inspiration to others and for some Benazir Bhutto was an icon, a deacon of light which was expected to lead the democratic charge in our military hierarchy country.

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benazir bhutto
29 Dec 2007 | 461 Junaid Says:   
it was a sad day in the history of pakistan.another civilian murdered by a bloodthirsty military dictator.he will not stop but he will now try to kill all members of civil societ.this has to stop..our country can and will plunge into a civil war.people of pakistan have to remain calm.Musharraf is using this to advance his own agenda.I predict that within a week another martial law will be declared.he has allowed the law and order situation to worsen and this will give him th excuse to impose martial law.yesterday the internet service of major pakistan cities was disrupted and i was predicting that martial law might have already been declared.The army with musharraf(who is its current face) will never let go the hold on power.God forbid if some civilian leader makes a national unity government and pakistan falls apart,that civilian will be blamed as bhutto was blamed for breaking pakisttan.bhutto was the wrong leader at the wrong time in pakistan.the army already had laid the groundwork for east pakistan seperation and they needed a civilian puppet to take the the shape of bhutto.Mushurraf(the scroundrel) will do this if he is forced to resign.Look at what he did by killing Benazir.He has sent a message to his western allies...u try to remove me from power and i kill anybody who tries to make a deal with me.
Now comin to the law and order situation,in many areas of punjab the police itself was seen lootin people.In rest of the country especally in karachi mqm criminals have started lootin and blaming it on ppp..The government is tryng to create an anarchic situation so the the so called saviours of Pakistan-----The paki army can be called in.A local television channel reported that there were no rangers deployed anywhere in sindh...contrary to government claims.Mush has achieved 2 objectives by killin Benazir...his hold on power and two the mqm has been strengthened in sindh and he will ultimate become their president when mqm declare independence of Karachi...God forbid this should never happen.Didnt you see how satisfied musharraf was on ptv while 'condemning' the attack on benazir,otherwise he barks like dog...see the footage when he declared emergency and his tyrade against the chief justice.
30 Dec 2007 | 463 Junaid Says:   
it was a sad day in the history of pakistan.another political assasination which will far reaching consequences.God save us and our country.
19 Jan 2008 | 509 Danish Iqbal Mahar says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 3
It was a real sad day...One can't juz forget that so easily. It was not just a loss of one family but the whole country and its people. One cant fill put vacant place that fast. Whatever happened that was real sad sad sad.....
05 Aug 2008 | 639 fengshui says:   Posts: 1
the men just couldnt stand it. she was better looking, better educated,respected and a WOMAN. she was miles ahead of them so they got rid of her.and zardari did it!
06 Aug 2008 | 640 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
I'd say her assassination will soon be forgotten
PPP has forgotten before everyone now they are denying to do what she had said she would do if she becomes Pm!
28 Dec 2008 | 766 Dane Dahl says: Location: Jefferson, Oregon, USA  Posts: 1
I am an American living in Asia. I am not Moslem, but I am a

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