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We Believe Everything is a Conspiracy Believing everything is conspiracy by Amreeca, Saudi bhai, Hindustan, Fauj and Government is our obsession (How can I forget the ISRAEL). Only years back we didn't believe Taliban existed and were targeting Pakistani people, today it's a reality that some have still not digested as yet. Thugs of political parties are robbing us on streets yet we give complete blame to people living in extreme poverty stricken area.

Exaggerating simplest of fact or happening seems to stand as our nation's hobby (not that I am different). The new age is called "Age of Information" where all that matters is competition of how much one knows, how capable is an individual to filter relative information and uses it for benefit.

The interpretation of "Age of Information" within our masses seems different. Even if we have smallest of hint about any event/happening/object/thing we seem to make tall claims and act I know all, thus giving birth to "Rumour" or false information.

Instead of getting our minds involved in intellectual developments our people seem busy talking about politics/film/drama/mobile app and all other matters which can rarely give benefit to society/country/world.

Members of youth who are talking about change and chant slogans of "Pakistan Zindabad" or "XYZ party Zindabad" generally like talking more about all other matters and ending up with System "hee kharab hai." Broadening horizons for seeking information might resolve such matters and allow us to see things beyond defined System "hee kharab hai."

I personally thank the "free" media for opening up avenues to think but at the same time curse the "free" media for further exploiting/utilizing this inability of our nation to filter information. With all due respect the "free" media have more black sheep than the ones who actually try bringing up facts.

Try pointing finger at a discrepancy of channel/reporter of a channel and the entire fraternity, that should have acted agents of positive change, unite and with due respect act thugs (using "with all due respect" repeatedly just to stay away from the reaction of this "almost Mafia").

What are the parameters to keep check on shouting hosts? Who and how keeps check when blood ridden bodies are shown on TV channels, the source of information? What about promoting false impression, through dramas portraying, that only rich has a life while all other are just good for nothing or that all waderas are villain?

Information in this age is pivotal factor where most significant task for an individual can be filtering the information. The "learned" may join hands to define the parameters and help people develop information filtering abilities and eventually giving knowledge to develop their own mechanism to cope with challenges of information age.

Already visible but soon to become prominent factor would be identity crises within children leading to violent and socially unacceptable behaviours which will be protested by parents and the "religious pious" individuals. Why not act beforehand rather than wait? The bias information plays a role in creating identity crises and parents must help children in filtering information rather than limiting information.

Today Youtube is blocked and so are pornographic websites but pay attention to Google trends and see where Pakistan stands for searching "youtube proxy" and porn.

After internet, one cannot limit a mind to forced information, better idea would be to equip people with skills to sort and filter information for personal/social/national but not limit information.

Bleed Green (Pak) - It's been a while we have been bleeding red.conspiracy theories