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Unemployed, Frustrated and Aimless Youth A ship sailing without any direction and destination would ultimately be drowned in the cruel tides of ocean. Similar is the case with humans. We need some goal in life; so that we can work out plan to defeat the inconsiderate ocean that is ready to drown us.

A purposeless life is like a ship that is only destined to be lost in the immensity of the ocean as millions of humans have been lost in the course of time as they never existed, without knowing the idea of their lives. Poor they!

Every human being can and should decide about what he wants in life personally. But there is a more important aspect to the issue; what society demands from us as an individual to contribute towards the society? When we talk about society the issues need to be dealt on collective basis. This asks for help to individuals in choosing the path that will serve their purpose.

Looking around one can find that the role of policy makers to provide opportunity is lacking. Talking to few individuals around belonging to different age groups showed that there is serious lack of direction to pursue goals.

Most of the youth of our society is unable to decide their future themselves. The individuals are eager to do something but unfortunately the lack of proper guidance and counselling divert the positive intent towards negativity. Illiteracy is no doubt a big hurdle in this regard but the more graver is the poor performance of already existent educational system.

Who to blame for this mismanagement of youth and human resource in our country? We have ministry for youth affairs, we have seen a lot of programmes targeting youth like national intern-ship programme.

The need of the time is to target the higher education. Its not at all implying that the primary or secondary education is less important. But we need to understand that we already have low percentage of college and university graduates so we cannot afford them to be wasted. If we cannot improve their quality then there is no point of increasing mere numbers.

No doubt that we need to expand the enrolment as roughly 25 million children of school going age are not attending school. This implies that they might not be able to contribute in the society effectively.

A major proportion of almost one third youth is uneducated and only six percent have vocational training. Just imagine a society with such statistics that how could they sail in the ocean of time and reach destination when they lack the very basic travelling guides and sense of direction.

Adding insult to injury is that the privileged youth in the country luckiest to attend the college and universities are not prepared for the job. There is no mechanism of counselling and hence we are producing the degree holders who dont know who to contact once they graduate. The lack of any coordination between the educational institutions and the market requirements is resulting in an army of unemployed, frustrated and aimless youth.

The time is to show some course and provide adequate opportunities to those who are graduating as they are already quite few and our society cannot afford to let these privileged individuals to sail aimlessly and to be lost in the ocean of time without contributing back towards society. unemployed youth