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Truth It is upsetting to see in newspapers and on tv about the false way of illuminating the election vote count by the Pro-Musharraf forces. The spin doctors, such as Pervez Elahi and Mushaid Hussain are trying to prove that the country is divided on the Musharraf issue and that he is still popular fruitlessly . The truth is just the reverse.

The result of the total valid votes from Election Commission has vigorously announced that the people have rejected the policies of the dictator. The votes accumulated by PPP, PML-N, ANP, MMA(F) are around 17487305 votes where as Pro Musharraf parties have collected 10581822 which includes pre-poll rigging and the rigging on the day of elections.

The victory of margin for MQM in Karachi proves that the turnout was more than 60 % in Karachi which is unattainable as TV stations were reporting that the turnout is low in polling stations while my friends here told me that their vote had already been casted in Hyderabad for the favour of MQM while they were at work thousand miles far in UAE !

Late Benazirs PPP is first, PML Q is second while Nawaz Sharifs PML(N) is at third with 6 million on the basis of total votes while on seat basis PPP is first, PML-N is second and PML-Q is a distant third.A point to be noted is that PML-N only had a day to file nominations for their candidates because they decided on the eleventh hour to contest the elections as Nawaz Sharif arrived late from exile.

If they had more time, they would have got the 2/3 majority because most of the PML-Q members would have ran back to the parent party-PML-N. It is obvious many would have changed their loyalties from PML-Q to PML-N because presently it can be seen after the elections that many forward blocs from PML-Q faction are coming forward to help PML-N in the parliament.

PPP gained because of the word Bhutto associated with them, PML-Q would not have got more than 4 seats if there was no pre poll rigging and the MQM would not have got a single seat if they did not use the art of intimidating voters.Lately, when Mushahid Hussain Syed and Chaudary Shujaat visited Karachi to meet previous allies, Jatois NPP and Altafs MQM, they had to come back with gloomy faces as none of the parties showed their interest in supporting the PML-Q.

Its actually the other way round as both Jatoi and Altaf have showed their wholeheartedness to be a part of the government thus the vote accumulated by the Pro Musharraf allies decreases to around 7 million and the vote for Anti Musharraf touches the milestone figure of 20 million. Additional, there are question marks over the actuality if PML-Q would be competent to formulate the government in Balochistan or not because of the alignment of the present winning contestants used to be with PML-N before the 1999 coup.

The only reason they did not support PML N in the previous elections because Nawaz Sharif was not present in the country and now they are waiting to make their next move after the decisions in the federal are finalised. Significantly, famous nationalist parties who have a permanent vote bank due to the tribal system boycotted the elections and the turnout in Baluchistan is reported to be less than 20 %.

The popularity of the Nawaz Sharif in Balochistan is due to the fact that people recognise the fact that General Musharrafs claims to have initiated the Gawadar Port Project is contrary to the fact that it was actually a brainchild of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and he had taken practical steps to begin the project. In July 1997 the PML (N) government endorsed the project. The Planning Commission approved PC-I of the project in July 17, 1998 and the National Committee of the National Economic Council approved the project on May 14, 1999.

This project was also included in the budget of 1999-2000 where a huge grant was allocated for the project. In consequence of these developments, the Harbour Engineering Corporation of China signed an MoU with the Government of Pakistan on September 16, 1999 for the first phase of the project.

With the judiciary issue and Anti Musharraf slogans, Benazir and Nawaz Sharif have benefited by default. So, do you all know who is the real winner then?

The People Of Pakistan. politicians