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True Democracy and Desi Justice Funny isn't it that our elite class want democracy but at the same time want to be the untouchables of the society. Maybe they don't understand what democracy stands for.

Time and again they have corrupted themselves used the very law enforcing agencies that were created to serve and protect the innocent to their own advantage, harassing their opponents and exploiting this department to all means possible.

These corrupted lot sacked the last bastion of the poor to seek justice and denied the rights of all citizens, the very rights they had pledged to uphold and live by.

In all these events the people were left with no other option but to do what all oppressed people do when cornered. They resort to their own kind of desi chappal justice so hence the chappal blessing of Arbab Ghulam Rahim and Dr. Sher Afghan. I don't know who started it first but at last the people spoke out.

Surprisingly our leaders and their stalwarts lashed out calling it blatant terrorism (what they mean by that they know best) screaming in the parliament and sympathies were felt all over Pakistan from talk shows to interviews many showed solidarity and feeling for the so called victims.

But what is clear is that it was the first time the elite felt vulnerable to the open public and felt the people power. Although each side is blaming the other yet what is clear is that for the first time in Pakistan people used the infamous chappal theory to correct their politicians who surrounded themselves with chamchas creating a society of untouchables. democracy