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Traffic Jams in Karachi Traffic jams have since long been a signature trend in Karachi. Honking horns and inching slowly in the jammed traffic mostly after working hours is not something new for the Karachiites. Over population has resulted in creating this problem for us despite the many bridges and underpasses that have been constructed in recent years. This is due to many reasons which might seem a little trivial but contribute immensely to the load.

People from rural areas migrate to Karachi and settle in the slums here with nobody to inquire them about this and thus the increasing numbers ensue. There are no authorities to question these illegal settlements hence providing a free hand to these immigrants and granting them complete power to do anything they want. This is the major factor that contributes to the increasing number of people in this city.

The traffic jams are due to the large number of cars of every type clogging the roads. You must have seen small families buying many cars even if they do not need them, one for each member of their family. It has now become a popular trend and even if one or two cars suffice for a particular family, they still go beyond that and fill their garages up with all the cars that they can afford. Public transport should be encouraged among people of all classes so that the traffic load will decrease. Public buses are usually the safest and cheapest mode of travel- the Karachiites should choose wisely and put the meagre facilities our government provides to good use.

Another major traffic problem that is flourishing steadily is the role of unauthorized traffic police that dons on uniforms to impersonate the police and instead of legally charging people for breaking traffic rules, they take bribes and let them pass. Even authorized traffic police officers have been doing that and this practice has been going on in full swing since God knows when.

These might seem to some as one of the insignificant worries of Karachi which do not need to be put foremost on the agenda of problems to be solved. But on second thought, this small scale corruption represents the other large scale ones taking place every, single day. When these kind of basic situations are taken into control, the bigger picture begins to smooth out and clear up. For bigger problems to get resolved, we need to tackle the lower scale ones so that a proper start can be ensured.

Corruption at personal level should be stopped and taken into account first. If we have even one ounce of desire to live in a better state, we should control our own actions and try to eradicate the harm that stems on our behalf. Only then will change ever arise and only then our future generations will have a reason to hold on to Pakistan. karachi traffic jam