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The Undo in Life Drawn a wrong line... Undo. Ctrl + Z. Used a wrong colour, Undo it! Ctrl + z.

Spelling mistakes, wrong keystrokes.. Anything... Well almost, can be undone in the Virtual or e-world. the computer world in which we are living in. Whether we are writing a letter or drawing a diagram, we can undo anything if we commit a mistake.

I wonder many times, what will happen if we have an Undo option in our own lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we show, do or say such things which hurt other people and which distort our image as well. Sometimes in anger, in frustration, in over joy, in hatred. in fact in every emotion we, the human beings, have the tendency to cross the limits and create an annoying situation.

Disobeying our parents, insulting out teachers, humiliating our friends, fighting on the street, getting angry very quickly, saying nasty things, being rude to the neighbors, relatives or friends and then realizing later that what we have done, had our brain temperature been a little cooler and we could have avoided such situation and after that nothing is left then a regret and we keep on thinking that, maybe it was not suppose to be like that, maybe we should have not said this or that....

Maybe we could undo the mess we created, the distance in the hearts.

Sometimes, it's not us, whose fault needs to be un-done. Apart from victimizing other people, nature and non living objects, we also become victims of these things. Getting robbed on the road, losing your mobile and cash etc, an accident may be, your beloved (girl or boy) rejecting your proposal or may be business client..

Your boss bashing you. Result day for a student where (s)he gets a Zero or Fail result and the student wish to undo the scenario and relive the time without doing the same mistakes and improving the end result.

Bus this is the key characteristic of the time in our physical world that when it passes, it never comes back. You can change the clock of your computer to let's say 50 years back to continue enjoy the software whose license was suppose to expire this weekend. But you cannot change the time in our real lives. We cannot bring back the time without parents, which passed away. and undo the hard and harsh things which we said to them..

To our friends, which have moved a long way and are very distant now.. To our servants, relatives, friends, neighbours and with the every person whom we have interacted in our lives.

The more impatient and panicked, our environment and our socio-economic scenario gets, the more we get in the, "I wish I could" - Undo zone...

But the time, the words, the things can never be undone.

Hence the perfect Undo for our lives is just to be patient, as the famous manufacturing companies use TQM (Total quality management) in their each process, i.e. maintaining quality at every stage of production, similarly we need to incorporate patience and tolerance in every second of our live, in every word we speak, in every breath we take.

The moment we will start thinking before speaking or committing any action, the better results we will get. At least we can cover up half the part of this phenomenon, about the things which are in our hands. If we can control the things which we do ourselves and which are in our hands, we can at least minimize the Undo desire in our lives by 50%.

Let's start it today by drinking the water in three breaths and in a seated position and by taking long breaths whenever we are angry in order to control the outburst.

I believe that if we adapt this approach, soon we will start enjoying the results of the patience and tolerance in our individual as well as our collection lives and it will be the perfect undo in our lives.undo button