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The Suicidal Azadi March Let us first understand why Imran Khan is doing what he is doing.

Who is Imran Khan and what he believes?

Imran Khan the shy conqueror who won for the Cricket World Cup in 92 and the man who changed the history of Pakistan Cricket, who delivered the best and first ever charitable cancer hospital of Pakistan in the form of Shaukat Khanum, the man who honestly believes in educating the lost young generation of Pakistan, who genuinely wants to make independent police system, who wants to bring educational emergency in the country, who believes that real democracy can only come through strong local body system, who believes in dealing with any militant politically (however controversial it may sound), who genuinely performed dharnas against drones, who believes that political parties should not have militant wings, who believes in the human rights of common people, started his political career in 1996.

He had no idea how dirty that business is, he travelled the most difficult journey of his life from 1996 to October 2011 during which he lost his family, his children were sent to London to stay with his mother, he was butchered in the media by the media and by his political opponents, he was left alone by his PTI colleagues, but what did not change in Imran Khan was his commitment and his believe system, if you look at his speeches in 1996 and compare it with 2011-12 they are the same, he was crying for the same reforms since 1996, but people of Pakistan only started taking him seriously in 2011.

But, Imran Khan is no politician, he is no diplomat, till now he cannot even defend his Sita white case, in an arena, where other politicians can easily defend their billions of rupees corruption, murders, rapes etc with a straight and shameless face.

The rigging allegations

After 2013 elections, Imran Khan in his heart genuinely believed that he lost the elections due to massive and systematic rigging, and he was tactfully cornered to the government of KPK and was thrown out of Punjab where he believed he was supposed to get 40% seats, and even after receiving around 8m votes, could not even become the leader of the opposition, leave aside the premiership.

He believed this was his time, he believed his honest political struggle is finally over and he won the match that he wanted to win for 18 years.

Imran demanded to audit four constituencies where he thought its clear that massive rigging has taken place, he demanded that we must immediately make electoral reforms so that the future elections are biometric and transparent. He demanded that government should punish the returning officers and whoever is involved in this rigging.

Government's response to his demands was as vague as one could expect, they hardly took him seriously, they knew those four constituencies were rigged, but they also doubted Imran's intentions, they believed that once these four constituencies become controversial, Imran will declare the whole election as rigged and will call for re-election.

After dejected by government, Imran went to the tribunal, election commission and then to the courts and finally to the supreme court, but then he understood that till this government is in place he wont get neither the justice nor the reforms.

Abraham Lincoln after declaring "emancipation proclamation" gave his people one a half year to declare whether he is right or not, and he was re-elected with a landslide.

Imran did the same, he went to the public and did jalsas in Bahawalpur and Islamabad, and after getting massive response his clouded believe became more stronger and by now he was convinced that he was systematically thrown out of his premiership (his world cup).

The Suicidal Azadi March

Government on the other hand did absolutely nothing except adding fuel to the fire and that lead Imran Khan to declare the "suicidal azadi march".

Government finally moved but yet again with their ego in the front, and finally decided to give Imran Khan everything except the resignation of the Prime Minister one day before his schedule march. If Imran was a true politician, he should have accepted the deal offered to him, government was ready to make him the chairman of electoral reform, they were ready to audit 10 instead of 4 constituencies, they were ready to make a judicial commission of supreme court judges to audit all charges of rigging, and punish the culprits. Decision of calling the march was difficult as his supporters were charged and hungry for Nawaz's resignation, but then politician are meant to take tough decisions, but then Imran is no politician, he is still that same fast bowler, he went along with his march and that was the biggest blunder of his life. Politicians are supposed to show their weapon, and once opponent surrenders, they are not suppose to use them.

The Solution

With Army in the game now, even if Imran Khan succeed to get Nawaz Sharif resignation he will be the biggest loser, his political career will be over permanently, and in the next election, Nawaz Sharif will get even more majority in the parliament than he already has.

After DG-ISPR statement, situation has become very tensed and yet it presents an amazing opportunity for Imran Khan to become even the bigger legend than he already is, not only in Pakistan but also in the entire world.

Government is clearly on defensive and is ready to offer anything except the resignation, Imran Khan has an opportunity to get not only what Nawaz Sharif already offered him during 13th August, but he can also get what he really believes in, which I elaborated in the beginning of this editorial. He can get what Pakistan genuinely needs in the form of a reform committee which he can chair, and once he gets that, he can do a historic speech not only in front of his nazariati people, not only to every overseas Pakistani, but also to the entire world leaders.

He can declare that after DP-ISPR statement and understanding the sensitivity of the situation, there are clear signals that there will be a martial law, he can ask his people whether they will support martial law in this country, and I am sure they will deny

He can then explain his people what he got from government, and then he can say that under the threat of Martial Law in the country and in order to save the constitution of Pakistan and to the save the democracy of Pakistan from its permanent demise, I declare you people the saviour of democracy of Pakistan, history will always remember you as the saviour of democracy. I am sure that the entire political leadership including PMLN will have no choice but to praise Imran Khan and the entire Pakistan will declare him the winner.

I genuinely believe that he will always be remembered as the saviour of Pakistan Democracy.

I believe if Imran Khan shows the statesmanship now, he will not only sweep KPK, he will become the next prime minister of Pakistan, all he needs is patience.

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