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The Real Change in Pakistan With all the nerve-wrecking and stressful news about Pakistan popping up from all news channels, it is almost insane to be hopeful about Pakistan's future. However, those who are keeping an eye on the recent developments in Pakistan and know the history of the other developed nations, find several indications which lead one to believe that Pakistan is also going through a similar phase which most democratic countries have passed.

My own understanding of the history and the current affairs also make me believe that Pakistan is getting closer and closer to more stable and democratic country with a stronger civil society and more established democratic institutions which will eventually lead it to solve the basic problems of common people of Pakistan.

Let's look at some of the important events in last 5 years:

  1. Two major political parties PPP and PML(N) co-existed and even with all the differences they had no one allowed any unconstitutional force to take any advantage of their differences. The opposition party PML(N) was provoked by all kinds of accusations and was taunted as being friendly-opposition but they showed the signs of maturity by not getting involved in any action which could have led to anarchy in political arena.

  2. Despite PPP's utter failure in providing any relief to the common people they established the supremacy of Parliament by passing 18th amendment and passing the NFC bill amicably which had been a big issue among four provinces of Pakistan.

  3. Emergence of a new political party, PTI, led by zealous IK and backed by passionate youngsters provided a big hope to all Pakistanis. PTI forced all the major political players to revisit their policies of typical power politics and made them think about the young generation. This party raised the slogan of Change which quickly became the slogan of every party. PTI's holding of party elections has provided common people first time an opportunity to take part in politics and become the leaders which could be a major dent in the power politics of Pakistan in coming days.

  4. All political parties including all religious parties and PTI again showed maturity and did not take part in the recent long March by TuQ, despite all the pressure they had. This united action by all political parties again established the fact that now Pakistan is moving to a new direction of political stability.

  5. Pakistani independent (or commercial) media with all their flaws due to lack of training or the pressure of commercialism still playing an important part to strengthen the democracy and hold our leaders accountable.

  6. Acknowledging the fact that Judiciary sometime was seen as over-doer and crossing their limits but still they have gone after the holy cows first time in the history of Pakistan and has established a remarkable credibility among common people of Pakistan.

  7. Pakistan's army has refrained itself from taking or supporting any unconstitutional actions.

  8. People of Pakistan are real heroes that despite very poor performances of federal and provincial governments they did not lose confidence in democracy and now getting ready for next election.

I am cognizant of the fact that above-mentioned events are not the direct solutions of the sufferings of common people of Pakistan; however, the remarkable fact is this that common people do not see the solution in any other system any more except democracy.

This is the real change, I believe, which will be a turning point in the history of Pakistan. We all need to remember that the construction of foundation of any building takes more time and does not provide the shelter to people but a firm and stable foundation is the only viable solution to eventually live under a shelter.

In the end, I would also remind our political leaders that people of Pakistan have already showed their support in their favour. If they fail to provide a real relief to the sufferings of common people then the end-result could be different from the rest of the established democratic countries. people