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The Book of God We Muslims believe that Quran is the only book which has not tempered so do other Abrahamic religion followers for their books. Christians and Jews believe in their books and take rest of the scriptures as 'fake' and this is the biggest dispute amongst Muslims. Christians and Jews.

My query is Why Allah did not preserve the law of Moses and the gospel of Jesus, He has preserved the message of Quran (as we claim) but If Allah could preserve the message of the Quran, He could have preserved His Word before then too.

Why Allah only promised to preserve his One book and why left other books to be corrupted? Were not those the Holy book and that too by HIM ? Don't you think calling other scriptures tempered is actually doubting the reputation of messengers whose efforts went in vain at the end? holy books
09 Jun 2010 | 1259 Malik Awais says: Location: Lahore,Pakistan  Posts: 1
From the very first day we all have read in our books and listened that Pakistan's complete name is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" and its a democratic country.
As it was made on the name and basis of Islam,was made specifically for Muslims where they can practice their religious matters according to their own wish without the interference of rest of the religions or nations.
But I couldn't got it that in Islam there is no democracy.its "Khilafat " system there in Islam then why was Pakistan made on the rules of Democracy nor on system of Khilafat.
posting this topic because I do think so might be someone could give me the logic behind this.
28 Jul 2010 | 1308 IBN-E-MUFTI Says:   
We Muslims do not have any system intact". Iran has a system that represents just one school of thought, with so many deficiencies. Until or unless, we would not have any system for ourselves that can address the needs, interests of the Muslim Ummah, we would be facing all kinds of issues like that. I believe all the Muslim countries should make an attempt to gather all the scholars of Islam (regardless of their school of thoughts) to sit together, give them a task with a deadline (10-20 years) to come up with some codes of Laws, which all the Muslim counties can adopt and also assign some one who can act like Pope Benedict. We can call him Khalifa and then all the countries can consult with him on the explanation of a religious term or on any confusion. In a situation when a country's government is acting against the interest of the people. He should be authorized to interfere in a graceful manner. If a country is facing financial hardships, Khalifa can make some decisions and all the rich countries can help that country to take her out of that situation.
28 Jul 2010 | 1309 IBN-E-MUFTI Says:   
For the last many centuries, Muslims all around the world are facing " Downfall situation". Every one analyses it according to the best of his knowledge. I am giving my 02 cents today.
Besides many reasons for this downfall, there is a major reason behind it. Mostly Muslims follow two schools of thoughts, Shiites and Sunnis. Then they are further divided into their sub- branches. Shiaates has Agha-Khanis, Bohri; People of Ziaratians (have their own ideas and faiths.) Similarly Sunni's have further divided into many sub-branches. Wahabi, Deobandi, Ahl-e-Hadith, Brelvi, Pervaizi, Sulfi etc.
Some of the cults also emerged from both of these branches. Qadiani-Ahmedis belong to Sunni's school of thought and later declared non-Muslims from Pakistan and some other countries. Nuseris, Bahais and Durooz of Lebanon and Palestine came from Shiaates School of thoughts and later declared as non-Muslims. Apart from the declared one, I would say that we should stop immediately calling them FIRQAAS. They all are PRESSURE GROUPS with their own views and interpretation of Islam". They have their own glasses by which they view Islam. Somehow or inadvertently, they are keeping the other group balanced. I would give you an example. In India, Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan Brailvi and Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi belong to the same Madrasah-e-Deoband. One became a torch-bearer for Tauheed and delivered an uncountable speeches on the topic of Tauheed and highlighted the Shirk especially. Within his tone, sometime when he was explaining Tauheed, some people especially Maulana Ahmed Raza of the same school felt that the dignity and Tauqeer of our beloved Prophet Mohammad is getting impacted by his views. So he gave innumerable speeches in order to highlight the Respect and Adab-e-Rasool", and thus tried to preach it proactively thinking that if we ignore that respect then all our actions, and doings (Aemaals) would be ruined and would be in vain. So both scholars of India keep each other in balance and thus keeping their followers balanced as well.
Another example, if Shiites do not exist today, we would not be mourning the days of the grand-son of Holy Prophet Mohammad. When Muharram comes, it is Shiites, because of which we know that the days of remembrance of Imam Husains sacrifices have arrived. Honestly I would give them the full credit to make that day alive since centuries. Sunnis differ in many views with them, but they are the one who are working as a pressure group so we can remember all the names of 12 Imams, days of Ahl-e-Bait-e-Athaar. Otherwise a regular Wahabi, Deobandi, Salfi, Brailvi, Ahl-e-hadith never knew the names of 12 Imams from Ahl-e-Bait family. In short I want to say that there are only two schools of thoughts in Islam. Shiites and Sunnis. But they are not Firqaas. All the sub branches including the main school of thoughts some how keeping the other school of thought in Balance. However Ahmedis, Bahias, Durroz, Nation of Islam, Nuserie's are those firqaas who are really deviated from Islam and we are awaiting almost 72 like of those. But Shiites/Sunni's both are right successors of our beloved Prophet. One have the dynasty from the family of the Holy Prophet and they strictly rely on them and do not take anything from non-Ahl-e-Bait and the other has the dynasty from both of them and do not mind taking things from non-Ahl-e-Bait as well and they believe that Islam is not a family enterprises and it is like a sky that have many stars. Heavens are for the right successors and both have enough good things to claim it.
This is a journalists view on Islam. Finally I beg all the Muslims to stop this Kaafir Kaafir practice. We should respect the other school of thought, no one is perfect but still they are the real followers of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

I would request all the viewers and readers to give their honest and independent view, not a view they adopted since birth and they never did any hard-work for that. While giving your views, please respect the other school of thought and never use any vulgar/inappropriate or obscene tone against them. At least in this sense we should follow our Prophet (PBUH) as he was dealing with his opponents.