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2014-03-17 01:01:01 | 1869

Thar Drought Needs More Attention
The recent hue and cry over media on Thar drought issue has finally managed to capture many eyes of fellow countrymen who had probably forgotten that the land is part of the country yet many parts of Baluchistan and KPK are still unknown.

The massive relief effort to provide food and supplies to the region is exciting many NGOs and government critics, to expose failure of authorities. Is this the first time that the region has been approached only after a catastrophe had already doomed them? The answer is No.

People of Thar known as Tharis have faced this before and even worst, yet no future oriented steps are taken to avoid such violation of human basic rights. At times it seems as if it's their colour and creed which is being ignored.

Thar is a welcoming part of country when tourists travel with people giving and sharing things even when they have little for them to feed on. The rain completely galvanizes the environment in far distant Thar where first priority becomes to store water. Every creature attempts to do so allowing nothing to be wasted.

While media is working to lead aid and relief efforts into Thar I request that exposure to society of these far distant places shall be provided to others across country to excite spirit of humanity.

NGO sector can lead campaigns of saving water and resources around the country only once there is knowledge to common public about distant places. Also the responsibility shall be shared by the learned ones to introduce places to fellow countrymen. thar drought