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Teenage Depression Trauma This is one of the most common usual issue of the world, depression is considered as the main cause of teenage suicidal attempts and sometimes pushes to death too. I'm the one who's been writing all this stuff because I have also been the victim lately.

Um, It feels you're being ignored by your family, friends or others. When it once enters your psyche, it kidnaps your mind, your soul, your senses and you're somewhat like helpless cause you feel alone even in the crowd, no matter what! ISOLATED from the planet, from your spirit. You lose yourself, and when it comes to thinking WHAT ARE YOU TODAY?

Then you realize that you lost yourself being that depressed phantom. You're then carefree what other thinks about you because it doesn't matter anymore for you, you almost feel like you're not being cared and loved and then off-springs symptoms like BOREDOM, IRRITATION, AGGRESSION and WHAT NOT!

And then tired of becoming a hopeless you choose to avoid your existence by hurting yourself, choose one of those illegal means SUICIDE and then your existence chokes to death, get buried under the sand of time!

That's it, but as I wrote it for the first time, so I am looking forward to the means of it's cure and immunization. depression
22 Jul 2010 | 1301 sundas says: Location: islambad  Posts: 1
isnt this a bad feeling when you are rejected or ignored i believe it happens to everyone but some of us are strong enough that they manage to get over it and work with more determination! i wish i was strong enough to do that but this society we live in never gives a chance we have to snatch from it! the funny part is when we are rejected from something it makes us confuse the strength of not stading upto it makes us think " maybe iam not good enough for it............ or maybe we should go for somethning easier" all iam tryig to say is lets quit being a looser and stop fearing from people and just snatch that chance and prove ourself to our ownself, dat noooo we didnt make a wrong decision!! its just that for anything one has to work hard!
27 Dec 2010 | 1486 Thinking Says:   
Too bad...hmm...that the peacock can't wear shoes.

Otherwise he would have not felt embarrassed to see his feet whenever he preparaed to dance.

The sight of them always brought tears to his eyes.

What a blemish on his God gifted beauty...hmmm...

A few days ago...I met one of my

Who had stirred so many young ladies hearts and was more than welcome in any relative's house anytime of the week and any time of the day.

We had an understanding that we have understanding...though neither one of us figured out that it was mere likeness in our thoughts and witty concerns about family matters.

Of course...I had a crush on him...hmm...only...I was 18teen that time.

Once his mother visited us and stayed for dinner...I was at my most efficient that night and was playing my dreams...

When we met again in one of the relatives' marriage ceremony I asked him how his mother felt about our house and her visit to us.

He said...his mother forbade him to talk to me my surprise I asked him why...he...said nothing...just looked downwards...staring at the floor...

After my same enquiry again...he said..."why don't you wear shoes when you have guests in your house?"

"I don't have to..." I said..."carpeted floor don't require me to wear shoes.."

"So you can wear socks...instead..." he snapped.

"And what has that to do with your mother's visit to our house?"

"Mother said...your feet are like peacock's and nobody in the family has such big..blemished feet..."

"hmmm.....where is your least she thinks I am a peacock??"

But anyway...that was the end of the story...soon after his graduation he went abroad for further studies and I heard nothing from him since then...
Until...last one of our relatives' birthday party...when I first met his dashing...lovely wife...I din't know her....
I thought she is one of the family off springs who lived far far away in heaven and I never had a chance to meet them so it was a good opporunity to learn more about them....
I felt awkward when I saw him with a paper glass of kashmiri tea in each hand coming towards me....and....
I grabbed the nearby corner of the table to maintain my balance...of course I don't want him to see me trembling or shrugging...he is still handsome...and complete in his beauty...
Even I tried to avoid eye contact...he introduced his wife to me...with a grin...I smiled too...a bit confused...and then our eyes met..soon after that...we both looked at his wife's feet..
Then we looked back in each other's eyes and burst into laughter....never minding his innocent wife's presence....
I said to myself...still the understanding between us two...exists...
BTW: His wife has her stiletto open toed heels and her feet were perfectly beautiful.
So girls: Never go bare foot to your might overshadow your beauty...see what a loss I had !