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Tahir-ul-Qadri Inqilab Drama After getting deflated pretty bad in a series of events happening over past couple of years, most of them scandalous- the Inqalab drama at airport and in the plane (Man! do i miss those comics!!), PAT activists-turned-terrorists, an enthusiastic long march a year ago ending at a sudden whim by TuQ after talks behind closed containers, series of videos exposing TuQ's contradictory stances over political and religious issues - I resorted to such a strong doubt of TuQ ever getting air enough in his lungs to blow a trumpet for his devotees to gather again.

I doubted he'd ever have guts enough, I doubted those trumpets would have any range or reverberance to them again and I doubted the enthusiasts from across the country hadn't seen the real motives behind the mantra of Inqalab already. I doubted and I was happy we were going to have one less political theatre to watch and endure. I was happy the naive enthusiast would finally have eyes open...too bad, turned out, naive was the only creature doubting 'resilient Powers of TuQ'.

I gaped as I heard TuQ declaring that the youm-e-shuhada might just as well turn to 'youm-e-inqilab' with his soldiers around the country cheering the announcement and here I was thinking 'inqilab'- after a real hard luck in all previous episodes- coming for a TuQ-catchphrase might sound like that from the 'boy who cried wolf', to his devotees.

It looked however like I knew not an iota about 'ishq' from Iqbal's dictionary or I'd have known a little about this blinding enthusiasm that stringed hundreds of thousands of men and woman to our 'pied piper' of the day.

Too bad, they don't see, Pied-pipers since time immemorial only had two destinations to deliver their cargoes to- both destructive only for cargoes.

They can't see, they won't listen, they will never get it.

True, 'Iqbal's Ishq' has no antidote, it doesn't offer the infected any luxury of accommodating reason. True, the only remedy for ishq is one we see in the demise of the bug hovering over at fire. (At least some of us won't have an embarrassed reunion with Iqbal in the hereafter! 'We understood you and the Ishq, screwing all reason, just like you wanted it' they will proclaim with pride while the rest of us will stand with our heads hung down before Iqbal).

So now that we know there might be no way around it, no way of talking sense into any party's a little practical something.

Screw petrol, screw trialled roads! Grab some pop corns, switch your TV on, turn all lights off and enjoy the show of the 'Pied-piper', working your fingers alongside for constant online commentary of where the piper's heading with these devotees.

All hail these 'Ishqified Zombies'! All hail the 'Dexterous Pied-piper'! tahir-ul-qadri