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Stop blaming the US for everything "Violation of Diplomatic Norms"

"We Reject US' attempt to spread bad character"

"Gay and Lesbian rights are violation of all religions' laws" ...

Those were some of the banners I saw on roadsides and well, I tend to disagree with all of them. Our society has once again successfully demonstrated their ill tolerance and their short-sightedness.

First of all it was held in the premises of US embassy which is "technically" their soil not Pakistani, so let us quit whining about it, it is not going to get us anywhere. As far as diplomatic "norms" are concerned well, they don't even bother with international borders let alone norms (not that I'm presenting an excuse).

Our response to that event was more based on "perception" rather than on facts. Back when Dictator General Musharraf proposed Women's Protection Bill it was strongly opposed by the MMA, coalition of the religious parties. General public opinion was in the favour of the coalition.

A few weeks ago a video started to circulate on net where Syed Munawar Hasan defended his stance saying: 'If a case goes to court, it becomes public and encourages more cases like that, so if a woman is unfortunately raped she should remain quiet.' Upon hearing that public opinion, at least those with internet access started changing rapidly. This case is almost irrelevant but our opinion is somewhat formed through the same process in this case also. Without knowing facts, allowing perception to take over.

First of all, the meeting was not of Gays and Lesbians. It was held between representatives of social organizations who support their rights. Members are not necessarily themselves gays or lesbians. And everyone seems to forget one simple fact: it included transsexuals too. It was a meeting of minority representatives. Well I know still, this will not convince many people but this is not my main argument.

There are so many NGOs and other social organizations out there which are working with drug addicts; providing them clean syringes. One may argue that they are helping them in their addiction while others may see it as a way of damage control of what already exists in our society. Gays and Lesbians are here, in our society, deal with it. They are not going anywhere. We need to come out of idealism and see the ground realities.

What we now need to do is accept these as our own. Need to find ways for them where they can have it performed safely as with the case of drug addicts, until a permanent solution is found.

It is no longer about do we want such people in our society or not, because they already form a considerable portion of it. Damage control is the second stage, before it worsens. If we keep on denying it is going to worsen much more than we can anticipate.

Secondly we need to stop blaming US for everything that happens in this country. US embassy did not call foreign speakers and representatives to attend their meeting. Our citizens and our representatives were out there.

We have as a nation developed a habit of pointing fingers at others when it comes to failures, whether it be drones, our corrupt leadership or our foreign debts. If you have a opinion stand for it. Fight for it. Sitting back and blaming others has never and will never yield anything. If it against our norms and our laws (the second one I doubt) then what have we done, any legal course? Any petition? Any remedies suggested?

One thing that came out good of all this business is the change in our attitude. If we are to raise our voice and be heard than we should restrain from processions that end up burning our own properties and robbing our own assets. But that is only the half of the reaction that should have been there. The other half is as I mentioned above, practical steps which are missing.

However I highly doubt the timing of it. This country was not ready for it. It looks more like a mischief than an honest effort. Still, I press on the fact that steps, maybe on a lesser scale need to be taken. protest usa