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So now Zardari is Whiter than White! I just cannot comprehend how these people live with themselves, they will do anything in pursuit of power and money all in the name of 'serving the masses'.

How can anyone believe Mr Zardari, who, to take a point in note, always denied ever having owed any estate in Surrey since it was bought back in 1995, but yet in 2004 he went on to admit that he owned it, read this passage from the respected UK guardian Newspaper.....


Now he is saying that he has a education degree from the London School of Economic but apparently no one can find any record of him ever having studied there, even the institute itself, which has records of students dating back over fifty years, cannot find a trace of this just another fabrication.

Now if he wanted to become a member of parliament, then either he would have to prove he has a degree - which must come from some respected and well founded source - probably from the UK itself.

Or, in order to become a member of parliament without a degree he and his party and coalition would have to change the law - which was introduced in 2002. If this is the route that is taken then it smacks of pure hypocrisy.

Isn't this want Musharraf is being accused of...changing the law and constitution to meet his own needs - but I guess ( clinically ) that it would be OK for Zardari to do this as he is serving the masses and they have given him a mandate to do so.

May Allah help Pakistan and its people through these difficult times.zardari