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So Nawaz Sharif is Now a Champion of the Judiciary So Nawaz Sharif now proclaims to be a champion of the Judiciary. Can someone please explain to him the hypocrisy of his stance?

Back on 28th November 1997, didnt he orchestrate an attack on the Supreme Court of Pakistan using the thugs from within his party? Why because the Chief Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah was presiding over a case against Nawaz Sharif. Subsequently the Chief Justice was removed from office by a revolt of alternative judges the whole thing again having been orchestrated by the two crooked Sharif brothers.

Didnt he do exactly what Pervez Musharraf did i.e. attack the judiciary that was acting against him. This is fact and a fact that will come back to haunt the people of Pakistan all of whom seem to have a memory span of a few number of years.

It is utterly deplorable that both the PPP and PML-N have been elected when they are both headed by a bunch of crooks. Its the politics of our beloved country of Pakistan that allow these crooks to walk around as if they have done no wrong had they done what they have and were citizens of a western country, there is absolutely no way they would have come back with so much swagger.

Nawaz Sharif talks about ridding the country of dictators, someone needs to remind him that he himself is a protg of one of the most brutal dictators our country has seen he was a favourite of that regime.

All the news agencies of Pakistan seem to forget that what ever freedom they have, they have because it was allowed by the General why didnt Nawaz Sharif, use his two terms however short too give more freedom to the press and news outlets other than the fact that they were too busy stealing from the coffers of the country. It is incumbent upon all news outlets worth their salt, to questions these leaders about there past transgresses and to give them an opportunity to explain the change in their stance.

It is without doubt that these leaders will again plunder the country it is in their nature once a thief always a thief there is no doubt that Mr Zardari will want payment for the time he spent in jail in stead of going through the normal recourse of exacting compensation for internment that he thinks was wrong he will go about making up the compensation by plundering the country.

I just wish there were some people with enough backbone to stand up and ask all the right questions from these crooks rather than letting them off the hook with niceties. nawaz sharif
25 Feb 2008 | 535 aamer javed says: Location: Chicago  Posts: 1
Unfortunately, that is where Pakistani politics starts - and ends.
Sometimes I create some hope for Pakistan within myself but it soon ends with all the news and happenings.
27 Feb 2008 | 537 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
May be living in a holy land has made him better
04 Mar 2008 | 540 Armghan says: Location: Gujrat  Posts: 5
Now after election every body is happy.After a long term the Govt. changed & the whole public happy with this.Pakistan is in very sick conditions now a days.Who will take the charge? who will rule the country.Every one saying now the condition must change but the main thing will Zardari & Nawaz Sharif govern this country together mean will both make unity and Govern this scattered country well.Today Pakistan need a leader like Quaid-e-Azam who having thoughts for this country.As Pakistan need so kind leader not a corrupt leader.
08 Mar 2008 | 552 Haider Ali Says:   
BEWARE - WATCH OUT - BE WARY of Nawaz Sharif. Coming back to make more steel mills. The PPP isn't better but the game what he is playing of taking nothing in federal government and just going for the Punjab government tells of his covert plans and hidden agendas.

The past hairless has arrived with transplant but still these isn't anything in the upper story,
16 Apr 2008 | 577 Ali Jafri Says:   
I believe Pakistan stands in a better place today financially than it was eight years ago. We were bankrupt when Nawaz Sharif left us but today we have at least something in our pockets.

In also believe this lawyers movement is a sham! Where were all these lawyers, Aitzaz Ahsan, Iftikhar Chouhdary and the rest of the gang in 1997? Why suddenly in 2007 do they remember the freedom of the judiciary? It isn't like they were born on the day before 9th March! And all of a sudden they realized that Musharraf was a dictator? He promised democracy, he gave democracy.

The opposition claimed the elections would be rigged, today I do believe they were rigged but by the opposite side! We are pushing our country to the brink of extinction. God bless and save Pakistan!
20 Sep 2008 | 685 Shahrukh says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 2
Well, i agree with the response that Pakistan is well ahead from where it was in 1999 when Musharraf took over, he and his team has done a great job.

But, whether we agree with Nawaz Sharif or not; we should agree with the cause that the Judiciary in Pakistan should be independent of any influences.

Democracy can not prosper in Pakistan until we have Independent Judiciary and sensible media.