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So called Pakistani dance Okay this would be my first ever essay about anything and it will be quiet short. Well actually these words are pretty much the incoherent electrical activates that go on in my head. Its basically about perverted Pakistani dance videos on youtube. I mean, you dont even have to be specifically looking for these videos, they just pop up, you only need to type in the word Pakistan in the search field. And trust me, the way these overweight women move in those videos is by no standard anything even close to be called art. These dances are an embarrassment to the Pakistanis, which show nothing else but how perverted these people are who watch them.

The overly accentuated moves have not even a single ounce of precision, elegance or at least repeatability. Okay, I know these women are not trained and they are resorting to these unholy acts due to financial distress. But thats a whole different issue. I think another extremely important reason for these murders of art is because Pakistanis are a sexually deprived nation. And this is evident in almost all parts of our art and media. Take for instance, our music; almost 90% of it revolves around girl boy issues. Take our TV adverts, dramas and films (haha Pakistani films). My point is you cant cure this by banning it altogether. These people should be trained and allowed to perform in mainstream media and appreciated.

I dont even need to say that how people sing, dance, do poetry or paint speaks volumes about their collective view of the life they live and they want to live. Various art forms in Pakistan are at the lowest of the levels now than any time before. And it is disgusting to see how perverted our men are, on one hand our presidents and prime ministers flirt with foreign female dignitaries on camera and on the hand an average man is amused by uncontrolled oscillations of female body parts. The situation in markets and parks is just appalling; on one hand these so called self appointed guardians of Islamic values living in this, I dont know by what means, the land of the pure would not let go a single chance to bash the western ways but at the same time they wont let go a women unchecked in public places. Gosh I am sick. mujra