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Serious Standards Shortfall at IoBM I am an ex-member of the organization, and I must say that the news was of great shock, but by no means I was disappointed as it is very much expected when I was told that students started to line up in the Parking Lot behind the Student Activity Centre even earlier then 3 Am on the 22nd November 2008. Of course we cannot forget the disaster that took place last semester and a number of students were injured and the institute failed to take any responsible action.

The Management of the Institute is clearly not interested in facilitating the students of the Institute. What ever suggestions Amin Ur Rehman has given in his post on the IoBM community on Facebook, I must inform that such system had been designed, and also prepared to be implemented. however, the management was never interested in implementing the system. The proposal to develop the system was given by several software houses. Some students of the CBM also volunteered and designed the system, however, It was never allowed to pursued any further.

It is my belief that the institute is no longer interested in providing education to the students. Rather they have clearly made it a matter of an financial opportunity. The management is using Legal loop holes such as claiming to be a 'Non Profit Organization'. Being a Non Profit Organization, apparently the institute's funding is not audited by any of the government or public agency, and even if it is, we all know how easy it is for institute of a corporate culture like the IoBM can bypass such enforcements. Being one of the key notions of being an NPO is making its financial information available to the member of the organization (i.e. Management, Faculty, Students). Sadly, no such practice is in effect. I would not be able to comment at all on the financial management of the funds, however, it is clearly shown, that the management of the institute is very keen on developing building and sister organizations, rather then providing a foundation laying basic infrastructure of learning and educational resources. It can be very sadly concluded that IoBM has failed to provide even the very basic resources (such as library resources, electronic resources, computers, studying rooms or even a proper cafeteria) to its students, even being on of the most expensive institution in Pakistan.

Being very disappointed and nostalgic at the same time, I have found out that Mr. Khalid Bin Muhammad (KBM) has been made the IT manager. The person who is one of the most incompetent faculty member present in the staff. I am afraid, I can say it very confidently yet very uncomfortably, that such person being at such a key position, will not even be able to understand the system, left far alone, designing, managing or running a system which would facilitate the student to get out of the caveman era and get Technologically Charged!

I feel that the senior management of the institute has no longer any interest in providing the education and they are only concentrating on building their own assets and maintaining a certain niche, so the new comer may be attracted to the college.

In the recent semesters, We have all witnessed that a number of people have effectively decided to quit studying at IoBM and move abroad if possible for them. At some cases, it has also been witnessed that student left IoBM and joined institutes like Karachi University, SZABIST and AMI. This should be of extreme shame to senior management, but their arrogance had blinded them to do what they are doing. And just because of the fact, they do not care, what the students, their parents or any one related to them would say.

Whatever I have written above, might help understand the students of the institution and the pupil who intend on joining IoBM on the on going events, though I do very confidently doubt that it will have any effect on the senior management of the institution. iobm karachi
14 Dec 2008 | 752 Muhammad Masroor Alam Says:   
I must say this is an extreme case of a Institute , which is highly ineffective to think of their students and the welfare and welbeing of students. I msut hold respoinsible all people in the instituet not only managemnt for this all problems and wish that they would soon learn to be more customer sensitive but not for mere profit making