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2010-06-19 01:01:01 | 1022

Sehar Says
Musings of a Pakistani mind about Pakistan. Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful and sometimes just plain old Jazbaati - Pakistani style. I'm a Pakistani student living in America but about to move back home - despite the "good advice" of pretty much everyone.

I write for newspapers in Pakistan and sometimes just for fun. This is an archive of my articles, thoughts and some short stories that anyone who has ever been on the marriage market will enjoy!

About the Blog I started talking before I could walk. I could speak in full sentences by my first birthday even though I couldn't walk a single step. My parents told me I looked rather strange. And even when I did finally learn to walk, I could still talk faster than I could walk. Ive always had a lot to say but not the determination or skill to do it consistently and to do it well. This is my attempt to learn how to do both.


And as I learn to write, I hope that this will become an easy way for friends to keep up with me. As my heart straddles the eastern seaboard of the United States and the precarious lands of Pakistan, my physical self can unfortunately be only in one place at one time. And there are only so many people I can call in a day or status updates on facebook that I can write or messages that I can respond to. Im horrible at keeping in touch. I hope this will help remedy that.

About Me Im incurably Pakistani. I was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan and have grown to love the motherland with a passion that, despite the best efforts of those around me, never ceases to diminish. My father sent me to college abroad not once but twice in the hopes that I would be lured away by the charms and freedoms of the Western world, build a better life for myself in a land where I could succeed on the basis of my talents and merits alone (because thats pretty much all I have to offer!). It didnt quite work out this way.

After completing my second academic stint in the US I hope to be on a plane back to the homeland and while I will always have the deepest admiration for the country that gave me a free education and some of my bestest friends, Pakistan will always be home. And oddly enough, it will be while haggling with my favorite fruit wala, negotiating the killer traffic and sometimes wildlife on the roads or waiting in the midst of a disorganized mob to meet a government official that I will feel most comfortable and at my best.