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Scholarship, can HEC help anymore? Despite all the critics voices rising against HEC these days, I would still be in the queue to support HEC in its most of the actions.

Though I am neither a prominent professor nor an education cleric, but my opinion worth. I am a fresh Engineering Graduate from a reputed university of Pakistan. I have passed my Electronics Engineering degree with high academic profile. I am one of those young bloods who dreams to acquire their higher education from any foreign international renowned university. But when the resources are compared with the capital required this dream seems to become an illusion only. The major hope, HEC, is also taking its last breath now.

It was a time when the number of PhDs in Pakistan could be counted on finger tips. I suppose educated persons must thank HEC that it promoted PhD culture in the country. The scholarships were no doubt a great source of inducting and motivating youngsters towards research.

The old Diploma/Clerk mentality was changed by great efforts of Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman. The significance of research was neglected by our all past governments. I surely give credit to Dr. Atta for encouraging students for research work. In this mind war of modern era, we do need intellectuals who can stand in front row.

But unfortunately according to the trend of our country, the new government has put all the actions, by the previous government, down. I only advocate for the HEC and its foreign education scholarship. It is the time to get fruit from the cultivated efforts of HEC. Youth has started showing great interest in research. Recently NTS conducted GAT test for Common Wealth Scholarship, the facts show that almost more than 12,000 candidates were there, all were struggling to avail funding. This number is very encouraging and it reveals that the youngsters are aware of importance of higher education and want to play their role in our country development.

I strongly condemn governments action of reducing budget for HEC and discontinuing Scholarships for bright students. I hope Government will realize this soon and will continue this hope of higher education in us. scholarships
11 Jan 2009 | 784 Muhammad Nouman says:   Posts: 1
I agree with Mohsin's views, the history of Pakistan is evident of numerous such cruel decisions taken by Governments. Each government wishes to refresh the wallpaper of Pakistani infrastructure. Let them do it with their own interests, let them pull each others' legs but how disgusting is it that they don't care about the future of Pakistan, the rising youth of Pakistan? Making lamb excuses to remove people and bringing new onces is an old story but it its done with the future of mine, yours and other young blood, we will always stand up and say! u r wrong!!!
Please Mr President, Prime minister and interior ministery advisor... this country is not your village... wake up and remember you have to stand in front of Allah one day