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Scattered Nation We lead from the front to condemn the attacks , poverty , miseries , suicide bombs but none of us is ready to take an initiative step for welfare work.

Rich is happy with all the amenities to enjoy his life , poor is struggling and are breadwinners who work harder believing things will change someday.

Where are we standing right now? do we all belong to a same nation? if yes then why we have such a biased system? why there is not equality if the name of our country reflects Islamic principles.

Fundamentalists and extremists are two vague words which is a mystery for a common man to differentiate.Isn't it funny how some people do suicide bomb attacks in the name of God yet we condemn those attacks and pray to God to make things better.

Pakistan's youth has got a massive potential yet not implemented in a correct way to drive out maximum benefit for our nation (for us). Programs , seminars , workshops shall be conducted by individual's interest for our nation.

Today our nation needs us, If we all stand up and get united for a common task which is to bring a change in our nation then that day is not far when we rule the world.

I am up for my nation ! who is with me? overseas pakistanis