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Saving their own skins - things never change in Pakistan This is an exert from an article in the Nation news web site published today

Sources added that the package would also support the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) and ensure that it could not be challenged in any court. The NRO introduced by Musharraf provided amnesty to assassinated former prime minister and PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto as wells as several leaders of her party. Some of the politicians granted amnesty under the NRO are members of the new cabinet.

So by ensuring that the NRO - which is probably one of the most abhorrent legislation that Musharraf bought into being - can not be challenged in the courts the ruling elite are ensuring that they can become the 'untouchables' no matter what they do.

If they believed in true democracy and the independence of the Judiciary - why not allow the courts to decide if the NRO should be left or abolished and indeed if they are guilt of the crimes levelled at them.

But - unfortunately for Pakistan - these politicians are only in it to make themselves and their families and acquaintances. nepotism
08 Apr 2008 | 572 Ahad Bokhari Says:   
Bro its a shame that this is happening in our country. I for one believe in the talent that Pakistanis have (event the talent that is used for the wrong reasons, its talent being wasted on negativity). Why are we wasting our God given talents on just saving our own skins...its just a matter of money and power to these CLOWNS.

Rather we should be saving our country, for the betterment of our people and image.....I would certainly like to see that Mohammed.

Sir they dont believe in true democracy, how can they. Do you know that in the constitution there is no mention of EQUALITY. You figure out the rest homey! Our people have to change first then the country will move ahead...