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2011-01-16 01:01:01 | 1257

Sarah in South Korea
My name is Sarah and I've been living in South Korea since 2002. In the past few years, I could NOT visit Pakistan and in such a situation - a person makes every effort to be a part of and being informed about what’s happening back home!


When I first came to Korea - people used to ask me "where I've come from?" and after knowing that I am a Pakistani - I had all sorts of replies such as: Pakistan is good in field hockey, Musharraf - a good man, Bhutto: she is beautiful, you have K-2+ great, and last but not the least their never ending likeness for tandoori chicken and nan or roti. They always said: "Pakistan saram (people)= Very Good, very hard working!"

Since 2005, I have noticed a complete change in their responses. Now when they hear that I'm a Pakistani they say: "Pakistan = Oh! Taliban live there, it is dangerous, bombing all the time." These are the facts but they can torn anybody apart.

My blog is about Pakistan and all those countries where I have either lived or visited. I hope that I will keep the readers posted on different job opportunities or scholarships available in South Korea.

Education is very expensive in Korea but there are enough opportunities to accommodate the bright and dedicated professionals and students.

A professional's starting salary is usually $2600 (US) a month (minimum, depends on their academic records and field of study) with free housing and medicare. For students some scholarships cover their entire tution and living expenses plus a stipend but the rest cover tuition cost which is usually $6000 US a semester(1 semester last for 6 month) .

Pakistan is among the only 15 countries from where people can come to work as low skilled/unskilled workers (labourers) for small and medium sized enterprises. Minimum wage is about 1000 US dollars per month covering at times both boarding and meals.

Pakistani community is comprised of approximately 15,000 individuals - both legal and unauthorized (over stayers). Foreign community is the 2% of its entire population. Things are fast changing and are changing for good!

I will keep the blog updated on jobs and education sector besides random rambling.