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Revolution in Pakistan Is it possible for revolution to take place in Pakistan?

If yes, then how?

Please share your comments with me. revolution
16 Feb 2009 | 824 M Aqsad says: Location: Kharian/Punjab/Pakistan  Posts: 4
Pakistan came into existence in 1947 and now is 2009.By calculation it become 62 years.take a look that what you have found and what you have lost in these years.
16 Feb 2009 | 825 KM Rizvi says:   Posts: 5
First we need to have a "nation" called Pakistan for a revolution. Revolutions start when someone is frustrated enough with the existing system of a nation. Unfortunately the only people who are frustrated today are confused with nation and religion. They are drawn to fanatic mullahs and become cheap soldiers for religious idiots, instead of helping Pakistan.
17 Feb 2009 | 827 Naushad says:   Posts: 1
It is very easy to point fingers at one group or another for the deplorable Pakistani situation. While some blame the 'religious idiots' for ruining the country, I hardly find any evidence of so-called "non-religious" element's positive contributions to this nation. Most affluent and educated ones have fled the country to a comfortable life elsewhere, even if it is by virtue of economic slavery. The only contribution latter has made is yap from thousands of miles away, while their brethren back home is being torn apart by enemies within and outside.

The sorry sods will never learn!
17 Feb 2009 | 828 KM Rizvi says:   Posts: 5
For the record: As I am returning to Pakistan after finishing my studies "from thousand of miles away", I hope it qualifies me to "yap" with my so-called "brethren".
08 Mar 2009 | 855 imad says: Location: london  Posts: 1
Pakistan should be made a secular state. Protect the rights of the Muslims, dont make religion part of the constitution.
18 May 2009 | 948 smali says:   Posts: 1
salamu alaikum
Pakistan becoming a secular state will not solve anything. What will solve the problem is if the high and elite classes of society know the religion well, follow it, educate themselves, help the country, and then inshAllah everything else will follow.

A nation gets destroyed when the elite gets corrupt and destroyed. Look at previous empires.
22 May 2009 | 950 Syed Ehtisham Haider Naqv Says:   
Dear Friend;
I believe it is not possible to bring about revolution in Pakistan.Reason I say that because for any revolution to succeed there has to be a strong linkage between peasentry,middle class and certain social ellite.Unfortunately this linkage doesnot exsist in Pakistan.Why because the foundation of Pakistan was laid through a deal that was benefical for landlords.Today if you look around majority of people who are in power are big land owners.
However from time to time we see disturbances in various part of society .But these uncordinated moves are either crushed by the state or the leaders of such movements make a deal with the ruling class.Few examples are Chieft Justice's Long march to Islamabad and the other one is Talbinisation of Swat.
Chief got his office back through a deal.A deal not to mess with the Government and forget what PCO was.Similarly Talibs started doing land reforms in Swat but they got little carried away and thought they can move to Islamabad.Besides having an extrmist agenda they pose a threat to government policies.So they had to be crushed.
What we should work for is to have technological revolution.Funds are flowing into Pakistan and if channelised and proper investment are being made in agriculture and transport sector we can have a prosperous Pakistan.
I aslo have a blog kindly do vist
25 Nov 2010 | 1455 marv says: Location: karachi  Posts: 1
What is Baluchistan ..... well in simply ideologue it a barren land with nothing but dust .... well i certainly disagree .... i has much more ... firstly it is an independent state ... why ? ... well firstly it has a huge and vast culture... which does not interact with Pakistan or any other place in the world ... secondly it has more minerals than perhaps the greatest country of the world ... maybe thats why it is being destroyed ... maybe it is because of that .... or maybe NOT ?
The balouch have always been persecuted but why .... are we stuck in the spiral of racism or oriental-ism... or maybe jsut because we seem like a threat to some foriegn power ..... well if we really are a threat thn let us go.... we can survive ... this war is never ending and will be in no bodys favor ... we as pakistanis .... or balouchis are separate ... for 63 years now we hve tried ... but now enough is enough..... 6 mutinies are a very good example... in the end i will jus say wat ARNESTO CHE GUVARA said ....GIVE ME LIBERATION OR GIVE ME DEATH ....
25 Dec 2010 | 1484 Umair Munawwer says: Location: Karachi, Pakistan  Posts: 2
Some days before (21st Dec-10) I went Hussainabad (one of food street in Karachi) to get dinner for my Family. There is a person who cooking chargha was a bangali by cast. One of his friend asked him Dont you going back Bangladesh?? He said due to facing some problem to get Passport he is unable to go but he said he will go soon. Then the friend told 85 % of Bangladeshis whom he knows are returning to their country. Then the cook said nothing is remained in Pakistan... Bangladesh is far better than Pakistan... at least In Bangladesh peoples got respect not like Pakistan etc. I was just listened all this & shouted on him Dont say anything immoral about Pakistan if you have any problem then why are you exist in Pakistan? some more people who present at location also criticize him and ask what is your problem from Pakistan. He just denied his statement and tells I am not talking against Pakistan. I am talking against currant Government of Pakistan. He said what is this government is doing? At a time we send money to our brothers live in Bangladesh now they are sending us. Once PKR (Pakistani Rupee) double than BDT (Bangladesh Taka), but now 1 BDT is equal to 1.3 PKR and may be after some time it will be double. This government is just filling their personal accounts no one care about the public.
After listen his solid arguments every one become quite and we just say yeah you can talk about this corrupt government but dont say anything against Pakistan.
After some time all of us cracking jokes like cook say I got prison in Pakistan 2 times someone respond its good you just need to kill your wife may be you become president of a country.

Then I ask A Question to all of them "whom you think the current best leader of Pakistan" All of them tell only one name "Syed Mustafa Kamal (The Ex-Mayor of Karachi)" I realize no one is Happy with this government everyone criticize them & all of them has one Name on his mouth Syed Mustafa Kamal . The all people want him to be next prime minister but this is opinion of people in Karachi, whatever they belong to any cast (Bangali, Punjabi, Pakhton, Sindhi or Urdu Speaking) not because of what he is, just because of what he did.

Mustafa Kamal is an MBA from University of Wales in UK and under graduate from Malaysia. He became the Mayor of Karachi, largest city of Pakistan on October, 2005. Mustafa Kamal led City District Government Karachi (CDGK) completed 2,496 projects in the city during the last four years.

Below are the mentioned some of mega projects done by Mustafa Kamal.

Karachis 1st Parking Plaza.

Karachi Signal free Corridor- I.

Karachi Signal free Corridor- II.

Karachi Signal free Corridor- III.

Mustafa Kamal Declared second best mayor of the world by an well known US magazine (Foreign Policy) in 2008. Magazine said the 36-year-old Mustafa Kamal governs a city thats more often in the news for religious violence than cosmopolitan ways. But the hard-charging Kamal is looking to change all that. Hes courting foreign investment, encouraging international ties, and boosting the citys tourism.
According to the US magazine Kamal is not shy about his goals: He has said he wants to turn Karachi into the next Dubai. His Green Karachi project aims to plant thousands of trees in the city. Kamal is not letting anything stand in the way of his grand plans. He has threatened to arrest anyone who tries to cut down the new Trees.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has included former Karachi nazim Mustafa Kamal in the 197 Young Global Leaders-2010 for his performance and executing massive development works in the metropolis. The WEF selects 200 prominent personalities annually, in recognition of their services and declares them Young Global Leaders.

I would ask people to read this blog not as a political affiliation or statement, because I havent any desire to make political statements. I invite readers to look at his contributions beyond his affiliations and personal preferences and be objective in evaluating that where is our country going now.

I pray we got best leaders like Syed Mustafa Kamal soon.


Umair Munawwer.