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Research in Health Sector I am pleased to learn that Pakistani Doctors had used stem cells obtained from bone marrow for treatment of a heart patient in Karachi. We are very much lagging behind in health research.

In other countries stem cells have been used for cure of many chronic diseases like cancer, blood cancer, heart diseases, Parkinson's, diabetics etc.

In India and Iran stem cells are obtained from Umbilical Cord Blood and stored for future use. In our country Umbilical cord is thrown in the waste bin without exception.No doctor has ever mentioned that these Umbilical Cords carrying a rich store of stem cells.

I will request the doctors to please do some research about use of stem cells and advise to the patients to store their stem cells for future use of this treasure. stem cell research
30 Sep 2010 | 1404 Razia says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 1
Dear Members,
I want to share with you a new concept which is now available in Pakistan. The concept is Umbilical cord stems cell banking of newborn. While this concept has been available in the West and also in Middle East for many years, unfortunately, nobody has ever offered this facility in our country. Cryo Cell Pakistan has entered in to an agreement with the largest and oldest stem cells storage bank in the World Cryo Cell International to offer this in Pakistan. This is the most valuable gift one can give to his/her newborn. In some developed countries stem cell banking has became mandatory for all.

Umbilical cord blood holds the key to a newborns future health.
As you know that sufficient quantity of blood remains in the umbilical cord and placenta at the time of birth. This blood has typically been discarded following delivery. But once scientists discovered that it has a rich source of stem cells, umbilical cord blood became a viable substitute to bone marrow in thousands of successful transplants.

Since 1992, Cryo-Cell International has helped nearly 200,000 clients worldwide to preserve their newborn's umbilical cord blood for potential use against many diseases. Along with cord blood banking, Cryo-Cell International is pioneering the way in research, to find more solutions to preserve stem cells.

Cryo Cell Pakistan is first private stem cell bank and stem cells solutions provider to bring the revolutionary concept of umbilical cord stem cell banking to Pakistan. The company has a technological collaboration & exclusive license agreement with CRYO-CELL International Inc. - the US first and largest stem cell bank. This technological partnership ensures that stem cells are collected, processed and preserved at international quality standards & guidelines to meet future requirements, if any, which may arise in future.

I am attaching the link to our website, which is very informative. The stored stem cells can be used for treating many chronic diseases like Thalassemia, Cerebral palsy, Diabetes, Parkinsons, Leukemia etc. as it has been proved by the results in medical research, conducted by renowned doctors and research institutes, so far. The researchers and doctors are still working for finding more utilization of stem cells for curing the patients (In Pakistan doctors are conducting research in some faculties) and successfully used stem for treatment of various patients.
Cryo Cell Pakistan is presently offering collection facility in Karachi however collection facilities can be arranged in other cities on need basis. The price of service is USD 2,000 however, 50% discount is being offered to the clients during an introductory period.

You are requested to kindly forward the message to friends and family so that, if stem cells are needed to them they would be able to use them in future.

For further information about stem cells please join this facebook group.