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Qadri failed to deliver Now a days we have been hearing about revolution a lot, revolution comes from a Latin word ‘revolutio’ which means “turn around”. We Pakistanis thought that Tahirul Qadri might bring a change in the system of the state but as they say 'he came, he talked and he left', Qadri failed to deliver what was expected from him though he gathered an never seen crowd in the history of Pakistan. Fact of the matter is that revolution is no child's play in Pakistan, a country that has ample crisis which includes corrupt leaders, militancy, inflation, unemployment and an economic meltdown. Light is shed why revolution cannot happen in Pakistan;

Do not mix Pakistan with Arab states! - Pakistan since its creation in 1947 has faced severe challenges but with time they are growing more, it is worth-mentioning that Arab states faced same problems that led to a democratic-friendly revolution in 2011 that brought democracy in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and reforms in Jordan and Yemen, almost all Arab states were ruled by dictators with no freedom of speech and expression while the unemployment rate was touching the skies. The situation is quite opposite in Pakistan, former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf introduced economic reforms in the country while he gave complete freedom to the press which is quite uncommon in dictator-led countries. Pakistan had seen prosperity in many fields during dictatorship while economic meltdown during democratic regimes, which is quite opposite to the Arab states. Therefore the Arab spring can never happen in Pakistan!

Ethnicity - A major issue - Pakistan consists of Punjabi, Sindhi, Muhajir, Pashtun, Balochi, Seraki, Hazara and Kashmir. The ethnic fault-line of the country is very unstable and at the same time dangerous. This makes it difficult for the country to stand united on one platform, Karachi and Balochistan are the biggest example of this rift. The only reason why the provinces are some what united is because of Islam.

Sectarian division - A bloody game - Like Ethnicity, the country is divided between Sunni, Shia, Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahmedi and many more sects. The Sunni-Shia wars have ruled over Karachi and Balochistan since late 1970s but in recent years it is spreading into the northern areas of Pakistan like in the city of Gilgit. Some have said that Saudi Arabia funds the Sunni gangs while Shia gangs are funded by Iran, however this matter has not gained much attention from the press as both are a hardcore Muslim states and the religious parties in country do not dare criticize anyone of these countries. The sectarian tensions are so high that they might too not stand united on one platform!

Too many enemies - The country has too many foes which includes militancy and some foreign states namely America, Israel and India. Battling with terrorism since 2001, the country is still divided on the matter as large section of the country still supports the Islamic extremists. A minute section of the society has voiced to improve relations with India and America, even Israel but this society is mostly overshadowed by the large part of the society thus creating a gap within.

The distance between poor and rich! - The gap between the rich liberal elites and the poor is increasing in Pakistan due to the economic crisis in the state. The elites are much more valued in the society than a poor, a killing of a elite person may cause the courts and police to take direct action but the death of a poor person has become so common that it rarely gets attention from the press, court or police. A rich and poor would never stand united in a revolution in the country!

"No Revolution, just change!"

Due to the prevailing political scenario, it is highly unlikely that we might see a Revolution in Pakistan but a change is possible in the attitude of the people as media has created enough awareness in their minds that too came from a dictator! tahirul qadri