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Price of Honesty is Death I am writing this blog with very sad feelings & emotions. I am very sad & depressed after hearing the news of NAB investigation officer Mr. Faisal Kamran. Price of honesty is death in Pakistan and rewards for corruption are unlimited.

You may be PM, President or at least a Federal Minster depending on how much corrupt, cruel, liar & hypocrite you are. This is the democracy in Pakistan.

I saw the Mobile capture picture of Kamran Faisal hanging , even a fool can judge it was murder , but our Police & investigating agencies are declaring it a suicide case. "DG HR WANT AFFIDAVIT IN BACK DATE REGARDING CHANGE FROM CASE; KIA KAROON," was among the text messages that deceased Kamran Faisal exchanged with one of his close friends in NAB, three days before his murder.

This message is clearly indicating the people involved in this case. It is a planned murder to save corrupt PM, and 16 other criminals. The poor guy was only son of his parents; he left a young widow and two children.

He was investigating the Rental Power plant case, doing his duty honestly was the only crime he committed. It is a tragedy that an honest officer received penalty of death & the corrupt criminals are enjoying luxuries as a reward for their corruption.

Do not perform your duty honestly; just close your eyes if you want to live. This is the lesson we are conveying to our youth and next generation. We all are responsible for the death of Kamran faisal because we elected these criminals to rule us , We are doing this from last 65 years and still believe on this system and these leaders.

At least We should raise our voice for this brave son of Pakistan. Silence itself is a crime.

Please Remember Kamran Faisal whenever you have a chance to face & elect these corrupt Leaders. Raise your voice otherwise the time is not far when sons like Kamran Faisal will not born in Pakistan instead there will be Raja Rental everywhere. Kamran Faisal