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Political Fanaticism and Drama I belong to a nation that is spending most part of its day every day, glued to a TV screen. No, it's not 'lack of an ambition in life', not 'obsession with entertainment' either. But no one still has a right to tell us to try getting off of our couches and go turn the 'goggle box' off.

Why sir? For an answer.I welcome you to join me to watch this brand new episode of 'politics in Pakistan'.

It's chaos, it's uncertainty, it's barraged roads, it's clenched fists, it's barred teeth, it's dug out graves, it's readied coffins, it's rising adrenaline, it's soaring passions, it's deadlines' renewals, it's failed consensus over the issues, it's fanatic political oration all around.that sir is what this brand new episode of political drama that we all are hung up on these days is all about.

I hope I have your attention now.

Political air around the capital or the country, for that matter- has never been this uncertain ever before. Take to browsing through Pakistani news channels for a minute and you'd most certainly be driven mad by the amount and variance of analysis being aired about the current political situation. You might also want to activate a firewall against the various genres of abuses being poured out of your TV set if you happen to come across a debate between the workers of the involved parties.

Not good? Leave it here then, turn the TV off and maybe head towards your living room to enjoy a nice sitting with your folks. Oh, but I'm sorry, I forgot to warn you against another dosage of a 'home-run' political debate between your siblings and parents about who is right and who is wrong in the current situation and chances of raised voices and fuming arguments are just as high as were they on the TV.

Such is the news about political scenario of the country, such is the melodramatic state of media feeds we are being subjected to and such is the status of fanaticism amongst the masses these days.

I welcome you, once more, to watch this band new episode of 'Political Drama of Pakistan' with me, so.

Someone bring us some popcorn please.

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