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Personal favouritism at Karachi Chamber of Commerce i have been the member of Karachi chamber of commerce since last many years.

i find this is type of club of rich people who want to spend wealth to increase wealth and personal contacts with government officers and office holder of public positions.if some one study the choice of members of managing committee and president of chamber you will find that Caritta is personal choice. like and dislike only.

is like our political system one group run the chamber as personal property. few selected people/families occupy the position of chamber as musical chair.

majority members never get chance to serve the chamber for benefit for the city business as well our country economy.

as politics ruin this country.same done with business by this premier chamber in hands of some rich and powerful people.when they raise any issue mean they have some personal problem or they want media coverage.nothing to do with people of city and its business.

my request the people who have heart and feel pain for the suffering city business must come forward and find out the ways how to make our city and in large scale our country to better country for business and invest.

more details will share time to time with city and country lover people time to time. model