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Peace in Pakistan Pakistan once considered to be the most peaceful Country of the World but now where do we Stand and what are we associated with

  • Violence
  • Terrorists
  • Paki's
  • Uncivilized

the list goes on

Is this who we are? a question from everyone who is reading my Blog from today i have decided to try to get together a few people who are serious enough to start something against all these activities that have been happening like for example today the Shot out in Lahore why is there so much hatred in everyone's heart?

Does Islam teach us to kill innocent people?

i think not because from what i see is Islam teaches us about Forgiveness, Tolerance and Patience why have WE! stop tolerating? why have WE! stop Forgiving? why have WE! lost our Patience?

Can anyone answer my questions? I am sure a lot of people can but how about we take these words and turn them into action and bring about change and show the world what Islam and Pakistan is all about.

What do we see on the news Relentless killing Poverty do WE see anything else I don't think so, Honestly i have stopped watching the Tele because there's nothing to see on it except and after watch the News I just feel like cursing my and sometimes question why am i a Pakistani I don't want to offend anyone but this is how I feel but since I love my Country and fellow people I humbly request all of you bloggers to get together and built a Platform and lets try to bring about a change feel free to contact me 03459160309 lets join our hands together and lets try to being about a change....

Thank You For reading my Blog..

Love and Respect

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