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Pakistani Blonde Women When in Pakistan I was exposed to the booming television industry. Contrary to the popular western image of Pakistan being a 'third' or what's the politically correct terminology these days, being a 'developing' nation, people in Australia are bombarded with image of poverty and the Taliban ruling the streets.

OK, so maybe in some parts that image maybe true, but for the most part, TV rules Pakistan.

There are many stations' more than what's available in Australia producing a great standard of shows and dare I say it, in abundance.

There were dramas, documentaries and endless talk shows. One running theme was that whenever there was a female host, she looked western.

It seems everyone in Pakistan TV land thinks that blondes have more fun! The hosts would be in dressed in their beautiful designer clothing, with make-up and blonde streaks, whilst trying to remain composed as they either were hosting a live cooking show and dealing with live calls, or in a studio have an 'intimate' discussion with the latest and greatest actor from Bollywood.

While watching, I wondered what happened to the beautiful images of women in media in the 80s? When Pakistani women looked well, Pakistani?

When I switched over to the Indian stations, it was the same thing. A famous actress from the 80s who is hosting the Indian version of 'so you think you can dance' was almost blonde and her complexion so fair from the make-up.

While in the western world, people lie in the sun risking skin cancer to get a 'tan' I wondered why Pakistani/Indian women today were risking losing their skin and hair colour.

My favourite, out of the stations was the religious segments and stations hosted by women wearing their burqas. You would never see their faces, but this image of a woman hosting s discussion on religious matters fully covered was more natural.

Maybe it was the topic? or maybe it was the women embracing their identity and not trying to be something else. I'm not sure, but Pakistani TV sure has a lot to offer.burqa