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Pakistan: Good Product, Bad Brand Pakistanis are a wonderful product, but we are a flop brand worldwide.

For me the most important thing is realization & care.

We are promoted very negatively on media & everywhere. The problem with human nature is (also its a rule of Marketing) that when a customer is unhappy he tells more than 20 people about his unsatisfied experience of the product, but when he is satisfied he rarely tells others that how wonderful his experience was.

We have countless stories of discontentment due to many incidents, but we rarely promote the good things happen to us.

Think about this... We are a wonderful product, we must brand our country now by promoting good things about it.

Although the Marketing Consultancy in Pakistan is not recognized as much as it is in Western Countries, yet the need of this field is inevitable.

Being a Marketing Consultant, I can encompass almost everything under the shell of Marketing.

As Dale Cernagie says, the highest need of human beings is the craving to be appreciated, so does it lie with Brands, Websites, Names & everything on earth.

I have opened up my consultancy firm recently with name of THE MISSING P, with intention of helping companies to grow their business. As I foresee the need of it here & I am very passionate to help companies. symbol logo