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Pakistan Flood Relief Activities It all started on Thursday the 29th of July when horrific scenes of flood devastation flashed across our television screens. Swat was the first casualty. Soon district Shangla and Dir faced the catastrophic waters.

The situation worsened on Friday and through the weekend in the settled districts of Charssada and Nowshera where the devastation is anecdotal. Personal stories of friends and relatives made the reality more glaring. This was time for action.

As of August 10, 2010 almost 14 million people have been directly or indirectly affected by the deadliest of monsoon rains in the country.


Faculty members of 4 universities of Peshawar including Iqra University, Institute of Management Sciences, City university of Science & I.T and Cecos University took an immediate action and had a meeting on July 31st,2010 at the Iqra University hostel, Peshawar.

The hostel has been turned into a kind of operational head-quarter then onwards. The Centre for Public Policy Research at the Institute of Management Sciences is serving as the strategic and coordination point.

A large number of student volunteers from the mentioned institutions took part in the activities. 22 students from Iqra University, 10 from IM Sciences and 13 from other institutes in Peshawar took part in the activities and are currently on ground. The number of volunteers is growing and this is one of the strengths of our network- youth willing to travel to hard hit areas.


From the onset of the disaster, the Network started door to door collections and mobilized people across the world through internet, telephone calls, and launching a massive appeal on the streets. In the past 10 days, we collected a total of Rs. 499,028. We also have pledges of about half a million Rupees from individuals in various places.

The fund raising is still going on and we have set a target of Rs. 1.5 million per week starting 11th August.

Utmost care has been taken to distribute what is required and where it is required. Student volunteers have done a fantastic job in delivering aid to places where it matters most.

With the help of a group of dedicated doctors, the network anticipated earlier the kind of diseases that can spread in times of floods. A consolidated list of medicines was drafted with the help of doctors and since then the network has added to the list.


The steering committee has decided to invest in 2 categories; health and food. As of August 10, more than 13 doctors have allocated 3 days and treated 1000 patients.

We wish to continue with the effort on health front by persuading doctors to visit flood affected areas. We need more doctors and medicines.
In terms of Food, the committee has decided to provide Ramazan packages to flood affected populations.

We are planning to target at least 1000 households per week.

In essence, we require Rs 1.3 million per week to meet our objective.

Please help us help the victims. For further information on damages, details of relief activities and contributions, please contact Dr. Zaka 0321-9191288. flood relief
15 Aug 2010 | 1343 Zahoor Khan says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 1

This blog post talk about why the government and state authorities are being unable to respond properly to the need of the day. It focuses on highlighting the priorities which the government, non governmental agencies and world at large may adopt to while responding to the flood situation in Pakistan.
It speaks of the need for directing a part of the funding to the recovery of civil infrastructure, so as to bridge the disconnected part of the country and essential supplies to each other.Similarly it tries to establish the need for state leadership presence to the affected people and what it meant to them.
15 Aug 2010 | 1344 Faryal Says:   
My dear friends,
Assalam O Alkum & Good afternoon.

This is Mansoor Ahmed one of the citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, living in Karachi The city of the light. With a little bit intro let me try to aware or awake you about the recent condition of the flood effectees (Victims) here in Pakistan. As many of you very well aware about the recent condition and situation in the flood affected areas with the help of print or electronic media. But, therere many of the areas are still under the deep water and the peoples live on that areas are helpless and ready for dying with hunger, decease & other causes. I will try to give a short view in below of the areas which I have seen one of the most flood effected province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa of Pakistan. Although all of the Pakistan has got trouble from the flood but Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is almost 80-85% drown in the flood water.

Ive visited Naushehra, Chaharsada, Sawat in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with my relief team. Im not an organization nor NGO Ive made a volunteer group for the relief efforts in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with the help of my friends and family members from Karachi & Lahore. We did try our best to collect things such as like Clothes, Food stuff, Medicines and few of the female related stuff from our friends and family. But as we reached at Naushehra, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. We have seen a large number of effected are looking and awaiting for the aid and help. Not only in Naushehra but Charsada and others areas are facing most worse condition in these days.

Government Efforts: Ive never seen till August 13 any kind of the government base efforts for the help less people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, but few of the provisional officer are visiting and in try to facilitate victims with there limted resources but none of from Federal Government. Pakistani Armed forces are playing an active role to save and rescue the lives from danger and they are still working without any break or hold. Numbers of Choppers (Heli) are so less they are not enough to make a large level of rescue or relief operation. WHO, Save the Children, UN & others level of organizations are about to start there work but they have some reservation from the government side and Taliban side (peace & security is another big issue in this areas) Ive never seen any kind of the big or large level of the activity from Pakistani NGOs instead few of them are working in Peshawar or Sawat to distribute food stuff or few of the medicines.
Ive requesting at on the behalf of victims of the flood of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with all of the NGOs, Government of Pakistan, National & International donors, social wings of the political & religious parties, specially students of School, Colleges, Universities & Madarsas that please came out from your home, make teams of the volunteers and try to get inside in the effected areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa as soon as you can. Youll find thousands of the peoples who are waiting for water to drink, food to eat, medicines, clothes etc. You can bring any thing you can be like food stuff, medicines, clothes etc and this is easily to collect from your friends and families. Once if you decided to do that work to save humanity youll get success in your target. Timings are so important to achieve the target.

Im also collecting the things from my friends, family member, my office colleges, and neighbors and again making a plan to visit effected areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

So, please take your part to save humanity in this worse situation. The people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa are also human, they are also Pakistani same like us. And being a Human this is our responsibility to save there lives with our hand. Once we unite no one can beat us whatever the flood, earthquake or anything else.

Im writing few of the things which required urgently in the effected areas of Khyber Pakhtooknkhwa.

Mineral Water (Unlimited quantity)
Food Stuff (Unlimited Quantity)
Medicines (for Peds, Neonates / Kids especially all related deceases unlimited qty)
Clothes (for kids, females, males unlimited quantity)
Bed sheets, Mat, Tents, Utensils, Match box or burning liters, Coal or wood, Candles or batteries etc.

Dear all, the above mentioned items are easily available in local markets, our friends, or family members can purchase atlest one of any thing for the vicitims of the flood and one by one you can collect many of the things just in a few days. After that make yours own volunteer teams. Try to reach in these areas. Youll find peace of mind, heart and soul, I believe on this.

Important thing:
As I am working since many days with the victims of the flood in these areas, especially in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Ive never find any Taliban elements here at Naushehra or Chaharsada at all but few of the trouble makers who want to loot or some things from aids of the victims. This thing is totally concern with law enforcement agencies but nothing more then it. If you are visiting in this area make sure to work with the help of the local community or people they will protect you, your lives and things more then there lives, I assure. Just believe on ALLAH Almighty, faith, and the cause for you are doing efforts none will hurt you at all. Insha ALLAH.

Hope to hear you soon.
Your brother
Mansoor Ahmed
A volunteer working with a team of volunteers in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan.

17 Aug 2010 | 1352 Gary Jacobsen says: Location: Northern Virginia  Posts: 1
It is hard for me to be sympathetic to Pakistan, in spite of the bad flooding that has affected many people.

For years, the Pakistani government wasted tens of millions of dollars building a nuclear arsenal just so it could claim it was on a par with India. That money should've been used for flood control measures, infrastructure and a reserve for contingencies.

I suggest that the U S government offer to buy Pakistan's nukes at the fair market value, maybe $10 million each. The Pakistani government could then use the money for flood relief.
14 Sep 2010 | 1389 Faryal Says:   
With the name of ALLAH Almighty.

Assalam O Alikum,

With the Grace & Blessing of ALLAH Almighty we guys have done many of the things in last few days (In Ramadan and for Eid). We are writing a summary in below for an overview of our efforts for the relief of Flood victims in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa.

What we have done in last 13 Days; (from September, 01st till September 13th 2010)

* 2- Times continue food Supply into 380 victims at Hakimabad, Noshehra Camp.
* Quran, New clothes, Shoes, few gift items supplied into 1800 victims kids of age b/w 1 year to 13 years. (few of others kids will be supply soon, Insha ALLAH).
* A two days medical camp has been installed at Daam Khel, Near Chaharsada under the assistance of Pakistan Army. More then 500 victims have been medicated by this medical camp (9th September & 10th September 2010).

What we are doing now-a-days;

We are working for the mental therapy on Victims Kids & women to insure themselves that they are not alone and life can be restart again with the help of our brother & sisters.

We are working on a School / Madarasa (Tent / camp kind) for 200 victims kids. We are planning to start with few of the teaching facilities, books supply, and others related stuff. (fund raising & other related stuff are running)

Our two times food supply program in the said camp is running smoothly with few of the breakup (as we are facing short funding problems).

We are visiting others camps & locations for the assistance of others N.G.Os and government organizations to get manage the things as soon as we can.

Planning for making a fund for the teaching / medical facilities, especially for women & childrens care in Chaharsada and Noshehra Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Although! The above mentioned report is to short for the understanding of our work, but soon be you can find others related details by the same way of the contact (email / blogs / sms alert).

We the team of Volunteers are very thanksful of our friends for there support, assistance and others related helps.


Syeda Faryal Zehra.

Volunteer & team member of Adnan Group of Volunteer.

Member of Aab-e-Hayaat Relief Team.

Hakimabad, Noshehra Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa



23 Dec 2010 | 1480 Umair Munawwer says: Location: Karachi, Pakistan  Posts: 2
Its my first ever blog so If you find any problem kindly let me know so that I can Improve it.

Let me Introduce my Self.
I m Umair Munawwer an Engineer (Service Delivery & Operations- South) at Multinet Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
you all can reach my blog at // and as well follow me on Twitter at // .

On 23rd of September 2010 I have to visited some cities for provide training of GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to volunteers of KRT (Karachi Relief Trust) I start my journey at night with my company driver (Asghar), I can say he is not a driver he is a pilot.

First we visited Makli (Near Thatta), it was 0200 PST, the volunteer at Makli location name is Asad. I provide him the training, he was a good learner. as per plan we have to stay at Hyderabad but due to avoid travel in night hours we decided to stay in Makli. So Asad arrange palang (a type of bed) in a shelter. when I try to sleep the mosquitoes didn't allow me to sleep. so we shift in our car for sleep. after take 4 hours nap and take tea at 0600 PST we moved to next destination (Sakrand).

Many families lost their house in this flood
At 1000 PST we reached at Sakrand Camp, this camp is located in a school, when I reached there I ask about the camp In-charge, Mr. Adnan Zaidi (G.M Sales- Multinet Pakistan) was the In-charge of this camp I already know him as a colleague, after a little training session Adnan bhai offers me breakfast, I told him that I already done it but he told me that these stuff is not available in our city (Karachi) just taste it, It was pure honey with desi ghee with garam roti. after just taste it I said wow. after some time I move to next destination (Morro).

At almost 1300 PST I reached at Morro, the camp In-charge was in guest house so just provide him training there and had lunch at Morro, after this I move to next destination (Sukkur). Actually Sukkur was not my destination I need to reach Shukarpur but due to tiredness I decided to take rest in Sukkur, stayed at Red Carpet Hotal Sukkur.

At next morning we went to Shikarpur, In Shikarpur I was amazed to see that All volunteers on that camp including Camp In-charge are talking in English only even with flood victims, victim comes to me and ask in typical sindhi style "Sain tum hamara sath chalo humara bhai ke khoon nikal raha hai" I ask camp In-charge to help him, camp in-charge told him " yes I m coming... where is your brother??" victim said " Sain ek to humara bhai ke choth lag gai hai or ye humain pata nahi kia kia bol raha hai" :-p. after see this type of mishaps and communication gaps I was thinking do they take care of victim according the standard but after I enter in camp area I found every thing managed.

After Shikarpur My destination was Qamber but due to camp In-charge unavailability I got call to went Sukkur again. so I reached Sukkur and give a training session to Sukkur Camp In-charge.

In my Journey I realize some points and want to share with you all and want some comments on it also.

In our Interior, I realize that villagers women are so strong then modern / city womens even I can say villagers men.

I see most of villagers men just doing smoking, sleeping, playing cards etc.

Women are selling many Items on road, doing their house jobs taking care of their children.

I seen an Old women (Above 50 Years) carry bundle of woods from a mile distance (In city if any women carry her child she said I m tired)

Counting of children are much higher then adults.

Seen some Highway accidents also.

Mostly volunteers belongs from Karachi in camps Installed in these area by any organization.

I see some people didn't even want to work as In a camp from another Organization a person ask a young flood victim to unload the stuff from truck he said "sain hum to gareeb hai humara ghar khatam ho gaya humari madad karo hum kaam nahi kersakta".

And Finally I realize that in any problem we are United.

I invite your comments here so I can over come my mistakes.

Umair Munawwer.