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Pakistan Does It Again So this is a very uncomfortable topic for me to discuss nevertheless I think its very important too . As you know a few days ago we started getting these invites to these groups on FACEBOOK who were all about " boycott Facebook on 20th may " for something called " everybody draw Mohammed (peace be upon him) etc etc. which is OK I guess we live in a free world I can't speak for others but I can speak for my self .

My problem lies with the fact that all the invites were sent to me by my Pakistan friends , now you guys think that u were obliged to do so but you don't understand that you guys actually help spread the word across, if it wasn't for your invites 98% people in this world wouldn't have had a clue .

here is an idea, don't visit that page , don't look , don't talk about it , you cant do any thing about it anyway , you don't know who it is or where from so y bark , let the dogs bark , you pay attention to a barking dog it only gets bolder, you ignore it it gets tired after a bit and shuts up .

Second point if some one says some thing to your face then its a different story , if some one says something to my beloved Prophet to my face God knows i will knock that persons teeth out and if he doesn't shut up I'll make him wear his **** as his beard but that's a different story.

Third and most important point is why is it always Pakistan , no body was spreading this thing faster then Pakistanis , i didn't read or hear about it from any one else , no radio , no TV, no blogs, no body else but Pakistan (and the few morons who started this thing), and then the stupid government bans Facebook , so now after polythene bags the most important thing they have left to do is ban internet , but then after what people do , they actually deserve this , the government is according to the people, just like the morons living in it the country ( majority) is governed by morons .

why is it always Pakistan ? nobody else has been spreading the word ? why is it out of 2 billions Muslims in the world its always Pakistanis ?who gave Pakistan the torch to carry for world problems ? i think from what i can tell the problem lies with the hatred that Pakistan have for others now a days , started out in the madressas in zia era , it has spread beyond control, blame others for what ever is happening in Pakistan,all they do in newspapers, talk shows is blame others , whatever problems we have , perfect example is Zahid Hamid , all u hear from Pakistan even on FB and specially those who are smart and educated and raised abroad is the hatred towards others.

Why don you guys instead of wasting your intelligence and energy on talking about who is to blame, rather come up with solutions, tell the kids what field of study they should perceive or how to solve water, electricity , poverty , food solutions, why not try to make the country stronger so no1 can tell you or interfere in side like they don't do in other countries , why isn't there any drone attacks inside Saudi Arabia , why isn't there any drone attacks inside Iran ? because we let them come in so its our fault not others, no1 is to blame but us.

And most of all we let corrupt politicians rule year after year and don't do nothing about it , just carry on with your life and pray to God that he might send angels from the sky and they will remove Zardari or Altaf Hussain or Nawaz Sharif whoever is after them in line waiting. protests