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Our hypocrisies: Everything is the West's or India's fault

After coming back from UK, I have started Observing many cultural and behavioural Hypocrisies deeply embedded in our mindset and most of them are based on our alluded societal standards or restricted knowledge of our Deen (religion) Islam.

As I started to get myself acquainted with the Teachings of Quran and Sunnah, I am getting disappointed with myself and my culture with each passing day. We are so delusional and fake people and blame every one else for our miseries specially western world ( America kerwa raha hai, Qayamat ki nishanian hain, India khabhi Pakistan meh sakoon nae honay deh ga!, Humain tu samajh nae atti Pakistan chal kaisay raha hai?) :0.

I mean really?

If we want to improve anything, we need to start from our self first, people in our circle, family, friends! I go through my Facebook where people talk about or at least share a post( either a video or a comment or a sad face to a Syrian post). Will this help? Are we proving to the world (jo facebook keh friends per khatam hai) that I am so considerate/ good Muslim/human being?

What are we doing for poor kamwalian that clean our houses daily. Do we have any concern if something is wrong in our neighbourhood, may be they need our help, what about the children dying in our own city?

Be realistic and not idealistic, May Allah give us the insight to see the reality and develop a sense of urgency that we need to change by changing ourselves first and make us a practising Muslim.