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No More Blood! No more blood! No more talks, no more time, no more hypocrisy, exploitation, politics and point scoring for all these approaches are devaluing blood, a continuous drift from lower to the lowest.

Musharraf's submissiveness to US allies about war on terror could not make him too much dear to the latter. When he opted to be a part in war on terror, general opinion went against him not because people admired Taliban but for the fact that he was thought to be paying allegiance to United Stated on behalf of the nation. Although he did his best but he was always asked to "Do More" by allies. This "Do More" became a knife pointed and sharpened at both ends which pinched and pierced poor subject by US at one end and anti US social/societal fragments on the other end.

Sarcastic use of "do more" was resonant, amplified and vibrant. Musharraf has gone for years. War on terror has gone through innumerable transitions. Time has brought us to the point where murmuring sound of the other slogan should gain momentum and that is "Noooo More". Yes! No more. Everybody should call, cry and demand. A demand from the terror, a demand from those sitting at the helm of affairs.

Negotiations/ operation??? Society is split for people mostly rely on media (social or electronic) to draw conclusions, and derive opinion instead of their own level-headedness. What results were being expected of talks? Things are not as simple as talks advocates perceive.

Peace can't be achieved on conditions. Much has been written against the expected lucrativeness of negotiations. The point of the day is "Operation". Let us just forget for the moment that we had any option of negotiations at the table. Why not dissect this single option by using surgical tools of our comprehension and reasoning. We have been embezzled by a seriously nonsense situation. Let's consider a situation;

If many people are dying at your workplace because of poisoning and you are asked to prepare a plan to limit the loss what will you be doing;

  1. You will add the antidote of the poison into your future budget considerations or

  2. You will try to shift the workplace to some hospital's emergency

Obviously not. Instead you will try to remove or reposition the poison after its identification as the main cause as the first step. Unfortunately, state is working on the previously mentioned game plan.

We continuously hear the cries "We have lost XXX Millions of Dollars in the war against terror". Why don't we ask ourselves;

"If defence budget of a whole state is not enough to meet the demands in their war against terror, how much would be the budget of militant organizations comprising of a few thousands?"

The way militant organizations are operating clearly suggest that 5, 10, 20 rupees charity cannot be their sole source of money. There must have been involvement of corporate business holders operating at the national and/or international level and some states as well. And if it is so, then the root is simply traceable.

Why to go for operation before cutting the supply line, supplies in the form of ammunition or funding whatsoever it is. On the contrary, matter is being simply overlooked. Without adopting fair state policy we will continue to swing between negotiations and operation the way it continues for last 9-10 years. If they will be uprooted from one area, they will definitely sprout from some other.

Second most important issue is radicalisation of society which is definitely serving as a furnishing tool for foreign conspiracies. A vicious circle of social disaster continues as the society is continuously being influenced by superficial yet captivating and fascinating radical narratives. State think tank is either non existent or sleepy or probably overtaken by the mindset similar to one sitting in Council of Islamic Ideology. A counter narrative has to be established working aggressively on fairly similar spectrum as the rivals. A narrative speaking of mercy, peace, love, kindness and humanism as the core components of religion.

A narrative which speaks of self building rather than self righteousness. A narrative which explain and explicate the spirit of Shariah laws instead of just focusing on their application. If we are able to propagate the true sense of religion then we will see people united against terror as this religion belongs to Prophet of Mercy and not the masters of terror. terrorism Taliban