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New Year 2013 Resolutions New Year resolutions seem to be hottest topic on minds of people and I felt not be left behind (Ooo I am trendy) but before making resolutions here are few things on my mind:

1- I am protected by cops who use flashing sirens of new cars for no good reason. Of course what do I get from handing over a smart phone to a monkey? Perhaps monkey might end up using some application but so will cops use sirens for right reason some day. Also they are to protect my Perfect Leaders who are so Perfect that they have enemies all around.

2- Everyday number of beggars is increasing and people seem to be too kind to hand them over money. Of course how else would terrorist/extremists/political parties end up raising funds out of clean, sweet and obliging citizens of the country who would else not agree to fund them? Who cares about root cause lets just give in cause of Allah and end up watching a person with bomb jacket running and shouting Allah hoo Akbar and killing innocent lives. On the other hand we like mourning and watching news flashes of some 1-15 people killed in a attack of guns shots.

3- An educated youth that chants slogans for Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan and fails to even take initiative to understand that they are minority who hardly go to polling station and there is an uneducated youth which they should help out but as far as one can have pictures in some jalsa of politician for facebook profile - All is well.

4- A ruling government (national and provincial) full of parties which had repeatedly robbed the country and stripped our economy naked yet we choose to vote for them. Many know names of Government officials who have been robbing or are even involved in crimes but yet we choose to keep quiet and just live another day to see violence.

5- A supreme justice system which seems to take suo motto action on whatever it feels like but fails to tell city/session courts to give decision on files which are pending for years and require decision but then again one must make headlines.

6- Media which considers itself saviour of the country but crosses moral and ethical boundaries. A media that imposes its own point of on public (majority of which are uneducated) but still end up saying Its Upto You People Of Pakistan.

7- A country for Muslims where people are divided into Sunni and Shia and further into other sects within each. Where Ahmadis are not humans and Hindus, Christians and other minorities are infidels. Women may cover themselves while man can gaze on someone else's women. Yet Amreeeka Zalim hai because it houses Muslims who are safe.

8- A hypocrite writing an article and thinking about betterment of Pakistan but ends up using cigarette to calm down and writes this article after office hours using office computer (thinks its lesser crime as compared to others)

So about the New Year Resolution oh yeah 2013 Bring It On. I will live with all mentioned above one more year and suppress my better thoughts for some other year. I will watch my brothers and sisters die/robbed/harassed everyday and then upload status of being sad on facebook.

I will pray to Allah for peace in Pakistan and do nothing myself. Wohooo its going to be a NEW YEAR! (ummmm New Year is not an Islamic event so my God might not hear my prayer). new year