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Nawaz Sharif's Bullet Train Nawaz Sharif announced and promised, during his election campaign while addressing in Multan that Bullet Train track will be laid down between two major cities Peshawar and Karachi that will cost $10 million dollars. Bullet train is expected to reach from Peshawar to Karachi and Karachi to Peshawar is just 7 hours. Bullet train will reach Multan from Karachi in 3:30 hours approximately.

It is expected that Pakistani investors bring their investments in Pakistan from Bangladesh. If PML (N) works as promises are made then Pakistan will get his lost dignity among the succeed nations. Cheaper and fastest transportation structure is always the guarantor of economic boom.

Political parties always play a major role in the betterment of society on the basis of their performance, team member's credibility and strong foreign relationships. On 11th May 2013, the conduct of transparent elections has showed the extreme positive change in Pakistani politics. ECP has played a much unbiased role in the transparency of elections. All parties including PPP, ANP have been accepted the results except in Karachi.

Pak Army has also contributed with ECP and deployed army on the instructions of ECP in all over the Pakistan, especially in Baluchistan and in some areas of Karachi. PML (N) emerged the biggest party by winning 126 seats out of 272 in NA and 202 seats out of 297 in PP and 36 independent candidates are near to join PML (N).

Previous political parties have left a very difficult ground for PML (N) in terms of huge unemployment, corruption in every sector, electricity shortage and so on. Nawaz Sharif has also used economic development and electricity shortage reduction as a major issue during election campaign to resolve, if public provided a chance to PML (N) to come into government. Nawaz Sharif promised with fresh graduates to be ready for jobs, upcoming in ongoing year.

On the other hand, China has shown its own interest to resolve the electricity issue before Ex-CM of Punjab Shahbaz Sahrif and now PML(N) has two-third majority, that will attract China to enhance its support in infrastructure development. However, PML (N) has completed its estimation on ongoing projects that will complete in 5 years tenure that grant boom to the economy.

PML (N) has a plan to complete 908 km long motorway from Lahore to Multan and Bahawalpur to Raheem Yar Khan to Karachi-Hyderabad that will be milestone in Pakistan economy which connect province Punjab to Sindh. The GWADAR Rattodero motorway will link Punjab and NWFP to Gwadar. Multinational companies will establish their manufacturing units along with motorway because of low cost of transportation, cheaper and skilled labor and shorter time.

Raw materials from different countries will be carried out by vessels to Pakistan ports and then reach to MNC's units for manufacturing and after the processing, finished goods will send to other host countries by Karachi port. Pakistan is the main hub and central place for Asian region and MNCs will prefer Pakistan. Motorway will capture the high FDI, people will employed and learn the best practices of business from Multinational organizations and Pakistani economy will surged in Asia with zest and zeal.

Shahbaz Sharif announced that Metrobus system that was initiated by Turkish Company will be deployed in major cities of Punjab to facilitate the job holders to reach their offices on time with low fair. Metrobus system will reduce the rush of personal cars and bikes on the roads that cause pollution and major accidents. Turkey Company will oversee these projects.

Ashiyana Housing Scheme provided the houses to middle class, who have not much funds to purchase their personal house to live with dignity. Micro-financing program with the collaboration of Akhuwat Foundation will provide short-term interest free funds to skilled potential masses to run their own business as China has grown through micro financing.

Shahbaz Sharif also promised that laptop distribution scheme among students will continue in Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan to equip the students with latest IT education and provide access to latest information.

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