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National Anthem World Record Many people whom I talk to ask me about security and I only ask them are we secure in our everyday life? I have been mugged in busy traffic and was near victim of a blast while I was at market buying. Events like these bring us closer and we understand point of working together. Only if we did act together on streets we could defeat the forces encouraging violence.

A large Pakistan flag was carefully and respectfully waved by young men and women. On the very day it was evident that none of the participant cared about gender, race, religion or culture all we saw people was as Pakistani. Even in times of heightened threats of bombs and violence the infant, young and old stood together and sang with hearts out our National Anthem. Yes, the voices were nearly perfect chorus with over flowing patriotic spirit.

DHA Zamzama Club, Karachi displayed an enigmatic scenario. Many people flooded the place with Green and White badges, clothes and flags. It was an event that not only filled emotion into people flocking the place but lifted the spirit of patriotism to heights rarely seen. A stormy day with rain pouring and power outage, but that did not deter the spirit. Both the organizers and participants seemed determined to mark and register a record into Guinness World Record for Most People Singing National Anthem.

The event turned magical when there was power outage and then came out cell phones glowing. It seemed as if something out of the world took grip of the place. Nothing stopped these motivated participants, who were cooperative in making cues before entering, giving space to old and children to choose best place, speaking words of inspiration and sharing smiles with one another.

I witnessed several deployed security officials with tears in their eyes when everyone walking by would say Salam and thank them for the services and protection they offered on the day.

The organizers of the event are to be appreciated and deserve salute for organizing such an event. Even when Mother Nature seemed to test their will they walked with bold steps and true spirit and made the event possible only for Mother Nature to later support them to make event unforgettable.

Those who missed the event, here is another chance, time for you to stand up once again with those who already did and are once again ready. On 6th September 2013 inside Lyari at Lyrai Stadium is the event to once again enter the records and more importantly to stand up as one and to stand up with fellow Pakistani for Pakistan. Expectation is to gather 150,000 Pakistanis for creating history.

Then again action speak louder than words so yes in the previous event there was security and the organizers to are citizens of this country and share the same fear as we all do. By making this event a success we tell the world that the people of Pakistan are together and one. No matter how hard the times are we believe in our country and we believe in our people. We are a nation filled with spirit of patriotism and stand as one against evil and injustice.

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