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My Trip to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Beautiful Mountains, Rivers & Valleys
my trip

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the most remote area for the tourist as it possess the wonders in its lap. A trip to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be a life time experience for anyone. Let us show the very basic information while travelling to KPK. As everyone wants to get rid of the materialism; want to take a deep breath in the air that is pure and far away from the city life.

A trip planned on last August to witness the unseen beauty of Swat valley. Heard a lot about the magnificent valley so we are anxiously waiting for this trip and finally the day came we left Lahore in early morning by M1 and reach a small district Buner after a long journey of 10 hours. The road trip consist of thrill and adventure as the weather gets more and more pleasant with every turn of clock.

Buner is a small district approximately 250km before Swat Valley, richly green plain surrounding with immense mountains, pleasant weather is treat for all of us. We spent some quality time there and had lunch there. The hospitality of native is appreciable. After that we continue to our journey meanwhile we had a bird eye view from the place name Khalel, a mountainous peak from you can see the whole valley.

After a couple of hours drive we reach Shangla, our stopover for night stay. The curvy road made the trip more amazing as we reach our friend house for night stay, we served with the delicious traditional food and kehwa the traditional drink. In the early morning we witness the most amazing scenery of our life lite the place is so beautiful and full of serenity; the fresh air refreshes your lungs. We had breakfast and leave the place around 10 am meanwhile we also observe the beautiful waterfall ‘Yakh’; rootage from the gigantic green mountains.

From there we move forward to Mingora, checked into the hotel alongside Swat River, an awe-inspiring view from my room; seeing the wonder of Creator is like a dream come true. After our lunch in the hotel we visit the ‘’White Palace’’ located in Marghuzar. Former residence of Prince Swat now serving as a museum. Its dark we decided to stay in the hotel for night and that decision worth it. The starry night along with the chilled weather is amazing.

In early morning after having breakfast we had to decide the different places which should be visit; we have two option either go to Malam Jabba or drive straight to Kalam Valley. Decided to go further to Kalam valley passed by the exquisite valleys of Bahrain and Madyan. It took almost 150 minutes from Bahrain to Kalam because of the rugged terrain. Kalam is but a heaven on earth; cool breeze blowing, wild Blue River passing by, and a sudden change in temperature.

The sweet water of Kalam will never found anywhere it has its unique. 24 hours is a very short time to witness the whole valley, the valley is astonishing and make you spell bound. The weather there has its own charm. If you are planning a trip to Kalam to stay there for at least 3 days to have the ultimate experience. The richly green hills, thick forests and bestowed with mesmeric lakes, curvy paths, meadows and waterfalls, roaring river which are worth seen features of the landscape named Kalam.

Hiking on the Byoun Top is an adventure, with planning to do barbecue on hill top that will add more thrill to hiking. Climate is so unpredictable there all of sudden it start raining luckily we had umbrellas so that we survive a bit but very consciously we head back to hotel as its getting colder. The track was muddy but it was fun in rain for sure. Later we had tea and coffee to warm ourselves.

It was dark when we came back to our hotel. The noise of river with a cup of coffee and a view of night from is nostalgia that never fades. In the morning we pack our bags for coming back to home with little regret not to Mehodand Lake. But what I had witness and experience, won’t be same again. A lasting experience and indelible images of Swat valley is still a refresher for my mind.

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