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Musharraf's Graph - Unwelcome at Weddings? While the PPP and the PML(N) continue their dance routine, looks like Musharraf is still an honoured invitee of sort at some wedding functions.

I understand that now that he has turned the country upside down he is anxious, available and free to attend any and all functions (aren't there any Colonel's left whose kids are getting married - someone please invite him).

Even Bush retains 30% or so support amongst those who believe that he believes, and thus he can do no wrong, and so it is not surprising that Musharraf still has a cadre of sorts that welcomes him to Weddings.

While he is a guest of honour at these weddings it appears that the other guests are no longer motivated to rise from their chair when the former Commander of the World's 5th largest Army, and now just a sorry figure of a President, walks in with his escorts.

Either these guests are upset at the additional security that they have had to go through (traffic jams, barred from parking in the hotel parking lots, metal detectors, frisking, empty your pockets, give up your cell phones, cameras, might as well be bend down and touch your toes) or they are just plain tired of this gentle soul and this tiredness prevents them from standing up and greeting this President.

It is also possible that after all this is Pakistan, a country where one is loath to give up one's chair in the fear that someone else may grab it. Isn't that what brought Mush to this?

While Mush may be contriving an honourable exit, his continued occupation of his throne may prove more tortuous than it's giving uppance. pervez musharraf
20 Jun 2008 | 605 sophia says: Location: Multan  Posts: 1
what ever is happening it saddened me so much..and i feel all are alike.