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Making fun of fat people Mirror mirror on the wall am I also pretty among those all... darn you fatso move aside' , this is what I always expect my mirror to reply me back. I am fat, that's probably the most prominent and known fact of the world like the fact 'Sun rises in the east'.

Every one who visits my place, relative or a non relative has to tell me to reduce weight. My question to them is, do you think I don't work out , you think I don't wanna get rid of all those advises you and your types give me every other moment I live, and the biggest question of mine is from the television media and the fashion industry, why cant fat people live, you have made our live hell by showing those petite figures as the fashion icons.

First thing that I get to hear in the morning is 'you are fat honey' and the last by the time I go back to bed is nothing different 'honey you look even fatter'.

I belong to a respectable family but when I drive my car or when I just go out, I hear people passing weird comment like 'konsi chakki ka ata hai' sometime 'MashAllah' and what not.

All what I need to know over here is if I am fat, am I not a human, or have I turned into an animal that would look very exciting while walking or driving.

Our media has addressed many issues but has this ever been catered. Why people that are over weight, specially the girls can be the respected part of the society. It's a hormonal dis-balance at times, at times its diabetes, and sometimes its thyroid. No body is labelled with their deficiencies.

I am not only questioning our media I am also questioning our so called cultured society, they have fat sons but they want their daughters-in-law a perfect fashion figured (although she might become a baby elephant after one or two kids) petite size zero figured girls. Are we not made by the same God, or we come from some other planet. There is no fashion for heavy figured girls, WHY??

Concluding the whole thing I just want to ask for a little respect for us, and a bit of acceptance as a part of the same society. We get hurt too. We cry as well. We feel the discrimination as well. Please please please let us live a normal life. obesity