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Making Customer Services of Banks More Effective This is my first contribution to any blog site.

Banking sector plays a vital role in strengthening Pakistan's economy. Customer services provided by the banks varies from bank to bank.

I would like others to contribute their feedback and opinion on how we can make this sector more effective in terms of improving country's current situation and the impact of customer services provided by our banks.

Thanks. banking
31 Dec 2011 | 1792 Ayesha Altaf says: Location: Lahore  Posts: 1
With the way our banking system is operating, for sure, customer is anything but the KING ! The world has seen huge acquistions amongst some banking giants and the consumers have witnessed the drastic difference in the service levels. I started banking with Abn Amro and got moved to RBS seamlessly without much difference in service. But now I am SORRY to be a part of the bank that I got moved to due to these acquisitions. My RBS credit card got expired in Feb 2011 and till todate I am waiting for the revised card despite all my reminders to their so called HELPLINE. My recent try to call up their HO has gone to waste too, as expected, since the bank staff was too scared to share the name of Credit Cards divisions head.

Wonder why does their credit card bill never gets undelivered or their uneding phone calls to get their loans goes unanswered. Sigh .. what a contrast in service just because of this managment change! Its just a wake up call to the Bank's management to take care of its customers before they get taken care of !

A disappointed customer.

Ayesha Altaf